Head of the Mohawk

  • Hosted By: Aqueduct Rowing Club


1. Schedule is subject to change

2. Competitors are reminded that hotseating will only be accommodated if it does not delay races.

3. Sponsors reserve the right to start competitors out of order in the case of delays. 

4. Sponsors reserve the right to limit the number of entries per category or race.

5. Mixed boats must be rowed by at least 50% female competitors.  Coxswains are not included in this calculation. 

6. All competing crews must send a representative to the Coaches and Coxswains meeting.  Crews that do not send a representative may not be allowed to compete.

7.  There will be a penalty for crews that skip buoys in an effort to shorten the course. 

8. Fees for entries that are cancelled or modified before the end of late registration (midnight on Wednesday,  October 3) will be adjusted or fully refunded as appropriate.  Please address any questions to the Registrar.  

Racing Categories:

Juniors - Open to rowers enrolled in grades 9-12 or equivalent.  Program does not need to be affiliated with a school.  Please enter the high school events

High School - Open to rowers enrolled in grades 9 through 12

Collegiate - Open to rowers enrolled with a 2- or 4-year college

Open - Open to rowers of any age

Masters -  Sweep Rowers - Open to rowers ages 23 and older
                    Single Scullers - Ages 35 - 49 years
                    Double scullers/quad Entries  - Age 35 and Older

Veteran -  Single Scullers - age 50 and older                 

Novice - Rowing competitively less than one year. High school freshman may compete in this category regardless of prior racing experience.

Mixed - At least half of the rowers must be women


Gold medals are awarded to the first place finisher in every event.  Silver and bronze medals are only awarded when there are 5 or more competitors in an event.