Stonewall Regatta

  • Hosted By DC Strokes Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Directions to Anacostia Community Boathouse

From Virginia:
TakeI-395 North across the 14th Street Bridge Proceed past the Maine Avenueexit. Get into the left lane and head towards I-295. Proceed past theSouth Capital Street exit. Take the next exit for 6th Street SE/NavyYard. At the bottom of the ramp, go through the two lights. At the nextlight, make a RIGHT onto 8th Street SE. Proceed to M Street,SE and takea LEFT. At the second light, make a RIGHT onto 11th Street,SE (EXXONStation to the left). The next traffic light is N St.Continue straighton 11th Street SE and take a LEFT onto O Street SE.

From Maryland:
TakeI-295 South. Pass exits East Capital Street & Pennsylvania Avenue.Take the exit for Suitland Parkway. DO NOT GET OFF THE RAMP. Follow theramp around a full 360 degrees and re-enter I-295 North. Take the firstexit for Washington Navy Yard & I-395. Go over the bridge and getinto the right middle lane. Merge right following signs for theWashington Navy Yard. Immediately after crossing the bridge take thefork in the road to the LEFT. Come to a light (which is 11th St) andcontinue straight into the Washington Navy Yard in order to accessvisitor parking. If not parking make a wide LEFT turn at the light. DONOT GO BACK OVER THE BRIDGE. Go through the light and proceed to thestop sign, which is O Street and make a LEFT onto O St SE.

Additional Directions for Stonewall Regatta

Participants and trailer parking:
Participantscan be dropped off on O Street SE and cars will be directed through OStSE and up 12th Street SE to go back to the Navy Yard parking garage at11th and O St SE. THERE WILL BE NO PARKING ON O STREET SE. Trailerswill be directed into a lot behind the boathouse buildings for trailerparking and boat rigging. Additional lots for trailering are availablenear the intersection of O St/Water St and 12th St SE.  This area isfor participants, boats and trailer parking only. Trailering area willfill up on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

Spectators and ALL car traffic:
Parkingwill not be allowed on O Street SE, so for those wishing to park: Usethe O St gate (11th and O St SE) into the Washington Navy Yard andfollow the regatta volunteers to park in the designated garage. Fromthe garage, the boathouse is within walking distance down O St SE. Lookfor the sign that reads "Anacosita Community Rowing Center". Spectatorviewing is across the river in Anacostia Park. There is also moreparking across the river.

Getting from the boathouse side to Spectator viewing in Anacostia Park (southeast) side of the river:
Fromthe participant drop-off area, follow 12th Street SE away from theboathouse and up to M Street SE. Take a LEFT on M Street SE and a LEFTon 11th Street SE. Stay to the left on 11th and enter thefreeway(I-295). Take the Anacostia Park exit. Take a RIGHT at thebottom ofthe hill. Take a RIGHT onto Anacostia Dr. Park anywhere alongthe river and enjoy the regatta.

Getting back from the Anacostia Park (southeast) side of the river to the boathouse:
Goback to the access rd that you took when exiting the Anacostia Parkexit. Turn back up this road. It will take you back under the freewaysand up to Good Hope Rd. On Good Hope Rd. you will come up to astoplight that will guide you back to I-295. Go onto I-295 and followthe signs that say Washington Navy Yard. Go up to M Street SE and takea LEFT, take a LEFT onto 11th Street SE and go down to the boathouse orthe Navy Yard parking garage.

Walking from the boathouse to the Anacostia Park (southeast) side of the river:
Ifyou are walking, then go up the walkway away from the boathouse. TurnRIGHT out of the walkway and walk about 80 to 100 feet. You will see astairwell that leads you up to the bridge. Simply walk across thebridge and claim your seat on the grass in the park.