Ohio Governors Cup Regatta

  • Hosted By: Central Ohio Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

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With each rowing event held at Griggs, the Columbus rowing community has had to assure the police and park representatives that the park will not be damaged by the event. Competitors are required to comply with the parking plan described below:


On Saturday morning, all competitors and spectators will be required to park in the campground area south of Griggs Dam (approx. 2 miles south of Fishinger Road). Signs will be posted to assist you. Free shuttle buses will run continuously from the campground area. 


Please note that if you park in any undesignated areas (i.e.: in the park, in the merchant lots, along Riverside Dr. or side streets), you may be ticketed and towed.  Parking on the grass will result in a ticket or being towed and will jeopardize future regattas. There will be a shuttle service provided to and from the parking lot. There will also be a group of parking volunteers to direct traffic. Please follow their instructions.


Trailers with boats will be allowed into the park to unload in the park any time on Friday.  They will also be allowed into the park to unload boats on Saturday morning; however, access to the park will be closed after 7:30am! All trailers and tow vehicles will be directed to park in the parking area just south of the Fishinger Road Bridge. The road into the park is one-way (north) street and vehicles will be required to exit the park north of the dock area, turn right (south) on Riverside Drive and once again enter into the park at the Nottingham entrance. All other team vehicles, spectators, and participants will be required to park in the campground area.