Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Canadian Masters Championships

  • Hosted By: Montreal Rowing Club / Club d'aviron de Montreal

 Friday August 23 - FINAL VERSION (v7)


Saturday August 24 - FINAL VERSION (v7)


Sunday August 25 - FINAL VERSION (v7) 



Please review these revised draws very carefully.  The draw has now taken into consideration turnaround times for participating athletes. We have made every effort to ensure that each athlete will have a minimum 40 minute turnaround time between races they are competing in throughout each day.  We have also created some additional heats for some events since the orginal draws were posted earlier this week.  Also, every effort has been made to minimize handicapped races and maximize the number of Age Category finals.

As a result of taking turnaround times into consideration, some events ARE NOT being run in chronological order.  PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY.

The draws posted on Regatta Central (v7) for each day are the FINAL versions.  No further changes will be made except for late entries, name changes and scratches that will be processed at the on-site regatta office during the regatta.

Derek Ventnor, Registrar, 2013 RCA CMC