Springfield Rockrimmon Regatta - Stake Race

  • Hosted By: Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

As a result of our excitement around the Springfield Rockrimmon Regatta, we've executed on a plan that's been years in the making.  We welcome participants to our beautiful stretch of the river and we host them in a big way.  In exchange, they have fun and race hard.  And, historically, we've left a sole winner with a lasting memory - a gold medal.  While there's nothing wrong with a little hardware and we like the design of the medals, we thought we'd spread the wealth a bit and share a taste of Western Massachusetts.

New for our new format... 2013 brings succulent awards for the top 3 places!

1st Place:  A Sirloin Steak* (it's a stake race after all!) - provided by Big Y

2nd Place:  A Yankee Candle** (feel the burn, baby) - provided by Yankee Candle

3nd Place:  An Apple Pie (sweetness to dilute the bittersweet results) - provided by Big Y

Enjoy the spoils of your efforts and bring a cooler if you'd like to carry your award a long way home... before it spoils!

Brought to you proudly by The Rewards Committee:

- Wyn Bigtime

- Rowan Phaster

- Adam Upstream

*  Unfrotunatly the bio-engineered vegetarian steak won't be ready for race day. Vegitarians can swap their first place prize.

** If the 2nd place winner would prefer an apple pie, it's his/her prerogative.  Think "yankee swap."