Head of the Passaic

  • Hosted By: Nereid Boat Club, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

10/09/2013: The event list has been updated and preliminary starting time for each event assigned. Please be aware that the times may still change slightly to accomodate final changes. All events without any entries have been eliminated (aside from event 6 and 42 - those have also no entries, but they are still in the event list). Event with only one entries will be started, however no medals will be awarded for those events.

9/26/2013: Only 3 more days before official registration closes....

9/24/2013: Based on numerous request we have added the event #45 Womens Open Novice 4+ as counterpart to event #22 Mens Open Novice 4+.


Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions