New York State Scholastic Section 2 Championship

  • May 5, 2006 To May 6, 2006
  • sprint
  • Rexford, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Niskayuna Rowing
The NYS Section 2 Championship Regatta is open only to teams within Section 2.
a.           Rowers may only enter ONE race on Saturday – Provided they meet the criteria of the event.
i.      The single can be considered either/neither Composite or Scholastic
ii.      Rowers may compete on Friday AND Saturday.
iii. The term “composite” refers to lineups made from kids representing
different schools – NOT different, established rowing teams. These rowers should still be members of the same rowing association.
b. Alpha Lists
i.      One form should include the names of everyone who will row in a scholastic event, and will require the signature of a school official.
ii.      The other form should include the names of everyone rowing in a
composite event and does not require the signature of a school official.
c. Entry Deadlines
i.  All entries are due April 27th on
ii. All Alpha Lists must be accompanied by waivers (US Rowing waivers only)
for every competitor. Competitors without waivers will not be allowed to
compete. These must be mailed to the Friends of Niskayuna Crew Club,
postmarked by April 27th.
iii.     The Draw will be completed April 30th. Schedule Final as of May 3rd.
2) Fill out the Alpha list with the names of every competitor (alphabetically)
3) Arrange the waivers to match the order on the Alpha list (we check the waivers!)
4) Write a check to Friends of Niskayuna Crew Club (or pay online by credit card at Regatta Central).
5) Mail the complete packet (alpha list, waivers, check) to the following address:
Friends of Niskayuna Crew Club
c/o Nan Kuntz
938 Morgan Avenue
Niskayuna, NY 12309