22nd Annual BIAC Fall Regatta

  • Nov 17, 2013
  • head
  • Lagoon
  • San Mateo, CA (USA)
  • Hosted By: Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC)
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Junior Team Trophy Scoring System:

Event 1st Place Points 2nd Place Points

3rd Place Points

Jr. 8+ 30 18 13
Jr. Mx8+, Jr. N8+, Jr. 4+, Jr. 4 x 24 14 11
Jr. N4+, Jr. N4x+, Jr. 2-, Jr. 2x 18 11 8
Jr. 1x 12 7 5
  • Multiple entries from a team in an event is allowed and points will be awarded per the breakdown above regardless of team.  Example: If a team comes in 1st and 3rd in the Jr. 8+ event, they will recieve 43 points for that event.



  • This is a challenging course and not appropriate for novice coxswains!  Please commit to using only race-seasoned coxswains and ensure that all coxswains from your team fully understand the rules of racing. 
  • All races will be 5,000 meter, single file.  Bow numbers will be provided. 
  • Medals will be awarded to the winners and to second-place finishers in each event.
  • Coaches and Coxswains Meeting:  Race day, 7:00 a.m., harbor patrol office (same as last year)
  • Weigh-in station:  Open from 7:00a.m. - 9:00a.m.
  • Warm up:  Approx 3,500M from the launch area to the starting line.
  • This is a U.S. Rowing Association (USRA) registered regatta.  USRA recommendations for safety will be followed.  USRA membership for individual participants is not required, but please note that all rowing organizations that enter must be USRA member organizations.


Fall Regatta Rules:

  • Bow balls and heel tie-downs or quick-release shoes are required. 
  • Concept 2 Foot Stretchers are BANNED.
  • In case of any dispute, results will be determined by the rules in this packet followed by the accepted master handicapping rules in Rules of Rowing.
  • Racing crews have the right of way over all other boats.  Boats warming up or returning from the finish must yield to oncoming crews at bridges and otherwise, stay in the right hand lane, off the racecourse.
  • Overtaking crews have the right of way over slower boats.  Boats being overtaken must yield to the outside of a turn or otherwise follow the instructions of the overtaking boat.
  • Passing is forbidden under bridges and immediately before bridges.  A boat about to be passed must PROMPTLY yield after a bridge.
  • Stay right of all buoys in the center of the waterway.  No cutting corners.
  • Row around the island at the finish before stopping.
  • Crews must use sportsman-like conduct and language.
  • The rules are meant for safety.  Violations will result in time penalties or disqualification at race official’s discretion.


Competitor Categories/Definitions

  • MASTERS:  The event will use USRA age groups (AA:21-26, A:27-35, B:36-42, C:43-49, D:50-54, E:55-59, F:60-64, G:65-69, H:70-74, I:75-79, J: 80+). Ages are as of 12/31/13.  Age groups may be combined based on the entries received.  All Masters races in combined age groups will be handicapped. In accordance with new USRA rules for 2009, AA rowers are now permitted to row in Masters races.  In all team boats, including boats with AA rowers, the average age of the rowers (excluding cox) will determine the age group and handicap.  Average ages will be rounded down. 
  • HANDICAPPING: The Fall Regatta will follow USRA rules of handicapping.
  • OPEN:  No age restriction and no handicaps applied.
  • COXSWAINS:  May be any gender, age, or weight.  This is a challenging course and not appropriate for novice coxswains!  Please commit to using only race-seasoned coxswains and ensuring that all coxswains from your team fully understand the rules of racing.
    • Collegiate and Master Men: 165 pounds maximum, no averaging
    • Jr. Men: 155 pounds maximum, no averaging THIS IS A NEW WEIGHT LIMIT
    • Women: 135 pounds maximum, no averaging
    • Coxswains: NO weigh-ins
  • MIXED:  One half (or more) women rowers
  • NOVICE:  A rower (sweep or scull) whose first race was no earlier than November 18, 2012.  
  • Middle School 4x+ and 2x: These events are for athletes currently in middle school (Grades 8 or younger). The quad will be with coxswain only and can be coxed by any athlete. Safety is #1.
  • RECREATIONAL/OPEN WATER:  Maas Aeros, and other open-water boats less than 22' long.  (Maas 24s prohibited.)