Hoover Invitational

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

COX MEETING is now at 7:15!!!!  Racing starts at 8:30. First call will be about 7:45.


Best address to use for GPS is 135 S Sunbury rd. Westerville 43081. This will put you right across the street from the regatta central area (Sunbury rd and walnut st).


lightweight men: 155

lightweight women: 130

there are no averages

Weighins will be on Friday from 5-6pm and sat from 6:30-9:00am



Rules of Race Course

  • As soon as a crew is clear of the dock, proceed north toward bridge.


  • Watch for marshals to send boats toward the starting line.

  • All crews should come to a stop 100-150 m after finish and immediately head west to

    begin cool-down towards docks.

  • Please use caution near the dam

    Registration and Weigh-Ins:  There is no time restriction on weighing in. Coxswains do not need to weigh in. We will also have a ONE HOUR weigh in window on Friday. It is recommended that boats weigh in as early as possible in order to allow for re- hydration.

  • Food: There will be a food vendor on site. Tim Horton’s will be selling coffee and donuts.
    Tagos To Go gourmet taco truck will be on hand. We will also have a kettle corn vendor. Restaurants in the immediate are the Bel Lago (near the starting line) and Subway (at Windsor Bay shopping center).
    Please plan on bringing water, as we do not have a source to fill water containers.


    Medals will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place in all FINALS events

Heat Sheet with schedule will be on Regatta Central by noon on Thursday.

This is a USRA sanctioned regatta.

ALL of our events are heats and finals.  We will not be running head races for qualification.  YOUR COXS AND ROWERS MUST KNOW HOW TO BACK INTO A START PLATFORM!  Please work with them on how to do this.  The referees can help; however, they should be aware of what they are doing proir to arriving.

The lightweight events are:

Men: 155

Women: 130

Weigh ins are Friday from 5-6pm and Saturday morning from 6:30 - 

Tents should all be set up in the tent area. Tent area is located south of the Sunbury Rd and Walnut street shelter house  The area will be marked as 'Tents Only'.  You may have a 10x10 pop up tent near your boats. You may have grills set up in the main tent area (not near the boats)

Boat trailer parking will be at the Boat Ramp lot which is located 500 meters NORTH of Walnut and Sunbury Rd.  There is a light at Walnut and Sunbury.  Go thru the light and continue to the next lot which is about 500 moeters north.  Please park all boat trailers 10 feet apart and park them in the same direction as the others.

Food Trailers:  May park curbside on Sunbury Rd near the tent area.  There will be many spaces resesrved for them.  We will have cones set up on Friday afternoon, so they can park the food trailers and keep them curbside (at their own risk).

We will have two 15 passenger vans that will transport spectators from the upper and lower dam parking lots (at Smoke Burr and Sunbury Rd) to the regatta main site at Walnut St and Sunbury Rd..  They will begin at 6:30 and go until the regatta is over. Spectators may park on the WEST side of Sunbury Rd curbside or in the Smoke Burr dam lot (where they can either be transported by shuttle or can walk the leisure path to the regatta site. PLEASE let them know that the east side curb lanes are all reserved for food trailers, buses, and drop offs.  NO CARS should be parked on the east side of Sunbury Rd curbside.

We will have security on site on Friday night.

Directions are up on Regatta Central.

You will be notified if there your rowers have not signed their online waivers.  We do not want any paper waivers!  Please double check your roster and make sure that they have signed it.  You might need to merge records. You will also be notified if you have not paid yet.