Muskoka Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: Severn River Rowing Club

We welcome all volunteers to assist us in 2014. If you are interested in helping, please email Mike Smith at [email protected] or call 705-715-2524.


A special THANK YOU to all our terrific 2013 volunteers ... we couldn't pull it off without you!!!

(in no particular order):

Bob Wink 

Harry Vanderlugt  

Brad Ingleton   

Tena Jackson       

Stacey Ingleton    

Diane Barr         

Jeremy Rand  

Harry Vanderlugt    

Blake Schofield 

Richard Break  

Stuart McGill   

Meghan White  

Bob Simpson      

Linda Dalmazzi

Gord Ramey   

Ryan Godfey

Grace Schofield

Emilia Cicinelli

Laura Cicinelli

Wendy Crothers

Mike Smith

Dan White 

Elaine Bursztyn

Rick Dalmazzi  

Peter Bursztyn    

Allison White    

Sam Ingleton     

Cassie Ingleton       

Stacey Ingleton

Vicki Schofield

Judy Sutcliffe

Tom Blacquire