Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Canadian Masters Championships

  • Hosted By: Burnaby Lake Rowing Club

CMC Participants : Please read the following important information regarding races at the CMCs:


TODAY, JULY 18 UPDATED = updated schedule of heats/finals times released.

SATURDAY Updated & Renumbered Schedule

SUNDAY Updated & Renumbered Schedule

SATURDAY Final Draw as of 11PM JULY 18

SUNDAY Final Draw as of 11PM JULY 18

To assist you with the numbering of old vs. new event numbers, please refer to the file attached    EVENT NUMBERS

     IMPORTANT :           

                     Event 8 (in old numbering) - no longer has heats.  Straight Final

                     Event 18 (in old numbering) - has HEATS on Saturday and FINALS on Sunday

                      Event 45b (in old numbering) - no longer has heats.  Straight Final.  Age: G 

                     Event 45c (in old numbering, 57 in new numbering) - split event from 45b.  Staight Final.  Age: H+

                     Event 48 (in old numbering) - now has heats.

Weigh-in Times for lightweights and coxwains:  SATURDAY: 6:00am-7:30am    &   SUNDAY: 8:00am-11:00am.     There will be no late weigh-ins.



THIS AFTERNOON/EVENING = updated draw released. For those rowing DOWN in a mixed category event, your handicap is currently listed for your actual age average, NOT the age you will be credited for when rowing down. This will be adjusted in the results to reflect the latter.

SATURDAY Preliminary Draw

SUNDAY Preliminary Draw




To ease the process of finding your events, the Preliminary Schedule has the original numbering of the events that is the same as when you registered crews.  The Preliminary Draw will be renumbered into chronological order for ease of on and off water progress during the event.  Become familiar with the NEW  chronological numbering for the event.



Times listed are approximations and are subject to change.  Because of the possibility of alterations to the draw schedule, we encourage you to check back for updates.  Any changes to line-ups or scratches need to be emailed to  Please finalize crews so that event list is accurate.   In the event that a final race with 3 shells is run, only gold will be awarded.


 If you have not already done so, please complete all payments for all entries.  If discrepancies in your invoice on Regatta Central exist, please email to advise.