East Fork Chase Regatta

  • Sep 23, 2006
  • head
  • Cincinnati, OH (USA)
  • Hosted By: Cincinnati Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

East Fork Chase Regatta


Juniors Age. : 18 years old or younger as of race day and/or a high school student

Masters Age: Boat average age must be over 27.

Novice: Rowed for less than one year as of race day.

Coxswains: May be of either sex and of any age. No weight restrictions apply.

Protests: Protests must be submitted in writing within one hour of the event's completion. Any protest must be submitted to the Regatta Director along with $25. If the protest is upheld then the $25 will be refunded.

Hot Seating: Hot Seating is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. The schedule allows little time for hot seating so do not attempt to hot seat without at least three events or one hour between your races. Events cannot, and will not, be held up for missing competitors.

Scratched Events: Competitors in scratched events will be notified by phone by Thursday, 9/21 If an event is scratched on the day of the regatta, competitors will be offered the opportunity to race for time with another event. Money will be completely refunded for scratched events. Refunds will be mailed after the regatta. Combined events do not qualify as scratched events.

Open Events: Where there are three or more entries in individual categories within open races (e.g., collegiate, master), medals will be awarded as separate events.

Masters Age Handicap: All masters events will be handicapped according to USRowing standards. Open events containing three or more masters entries will constitute separate masters events.

Pre Race Meeting: 8:30 a.m. at the monument in the center of the beach area. All coaches and coxswains must attend. Teams should be prepared to launch for the first event immediately following the meeting (approximately 9:15 a.m.)

Start Time: The first race will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Launching Time: Crews should arrive at the dock 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure on time arrival at the start.

Dock Procedure: Launch Docks Are located on the west side of the beach. Competitors are also welcome to use the beach for wet launching. Recovery docks are located on the east side of the beach.

Passing Rules; In the event a crew wishes to pass a slower crew they must do so by going to the outside of the slower boat. Our course has one gentle right hand turn- therefore overtaking crews will go left of the crew they are passing. Improper passing and other unsportsmanlike conduct can result in time penalties or disqualification.

Very Important*

High School Age Participants: Please note: Due to new NCAA guidelines Junior/ High School Age participants may not compete in the same events as NCAA athletes. Therefore we have reclassified certain events as “ Collegiate” in order to accommodate these concerns.

more info:



Entry Form: Electronic entries must be completed by 9-19-06. Register online at http://www.regattacentral.com

* There will be 10 dollar per entry fee assessed for all late entries. Late entries can be emailed to gbeglen65@yahoo.com

following the deadline.

Registration: When you arrive, a representative or coach from each crew must check in to verify entries and complete the registration process. The registration/information booth will be open at the regatta site

Boat Storage and Trailer Parking: Volunteers will be on site to facilitate boat storage. Our new location allows you to park your trailers in the park and unload near the trailer.

Team Tents: Volunteers will be on site to direct teams where booster tents may be erected. Do not put up your tent without first checking with the regatta committee.

Events: Events are described on the Event Specification sheet (page 4 of this packet). Events with fewer than three entries may be folded into an open event.

Fees: Fees are non-refundable due to acts of God, failure to register the day of the regatta, or withdrawing from an event on race day. Fees for scratched events will be refunded.











Medals: Head of the Licking medals will be awarded to the first, second, and third place crews in each event. In events with fewer than 4 crews entered only first place medals will be awarded.

Bow Markers: Bow markers are required and will be provided. PLEASE return bow markers to the dock master after each race. A $25 fee will be assessed if a bow marker is not returned.

Accommodations: Accommodation options are described on page 6 of this packet.

Traffic and Parking: Utilize the area east of the beach for trailer parking // bus & add'l trailer parking is avialable in the overflow lot at the top of the hill

Coach and Coxswains Meeting: At the center beach area / 8:30am

Contact Person: Questions? Concerns? Problems? Call Geoff Beglen at (c)513-235-7122 . You’ll have better chance of reaching him if you call in the evening.