Head of The Christina

  • Hosted By: Wilmington Youth Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


My previous email is posted under the news link on the left column of the regatta central  Head of the Christina page.

Here is what to look for on the course and penalties for violations while racing.

For the course itself, we will have orange buoys along the entire course. The white buoys will be obstacles and the green buoys will be to help around turns.  We will have larger buoys for the chute, at the starting line, and finish line.

Penalties will be as follow: 10 Seconds for a Missed Buoy; 30 Seconds for Failure to Yield; 45 Seconds for Interference, 60 Seconds if you go through a wrong bridge arch.

All protests must be on the water and addressed to the finish line official.


Cartop 1x's and 2x's going to WRC will actually use the lot adjacent to WRC at Dryden Marine

WRC has arranged overflow parking in the area directly to the west of Dryden Marine, thru the gate slightly east of 307 A Street. The car top competitors should be directed to the gate at Dryden Marine which is just a few feet west of the entrance to WRC. WRC has arranged a staging/storage area there along with limited parking for those competitors. WRC will open the center gate of our west fence for pedestrian and car top competitors ingress and egress from the  car top and overflow parking areas.

Again please be mindful of our volunteers helping to direct you.

Thank you

See you Sunday

Head of the Christina Regatta Committee


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2014 Head of the Christina, thank you for entering.

This will be a very busy regatta for us as the regatta has increased by 48 entries over last year.  Please read carefully and follow all directions.

Please make note of the following, this information will also be posted on Regatta Central by going to the Head of the Christina page and clicking on news on the left column. 

Coaches, please make sure to share this information with the parents or others coming to the regatta with you.

Cartopped 1x’s and 2x’s

Small boats that are being cartopped should now go to Wilmington Rowing Center.  It is directly across the river from WYRA on A Street.  Here is a link to directions.


The schedule is now posted, click on schedule on the left column of the Head of the Christina Regatta Central page or use this link to Race Day http://racedayregattas.com/?p=2889  That link gives a couple variations of schedule formats plus the coaches report.

Again here is a link to share with your coxswain, bow seats and 1x scullers so they can familiarize themselves with the course.


Launching and Retrieving crews

Boats must have a secure bow ball and heels tied down.  Be sure this is done before heading to the dock, boats will be inspected and will not be allowed on the water if the do not pass this test. 

When launching please come when called.  Have helpers to carry oars to the dock with your crew.  It is imperative that everyone is very quick on the dock as we have a lot of crews to launch in small windows if we are to keep the regatta on time.  Get the oars in quickly, rowers in and shove, tie in and adjust on the water.  60 seconds on the dock.

Crews need to be prepared to launch and coxies need to know what is expected of them when launching and landing.  For speedy launching make sure your rowers have checked their seats, foot stretchers and riggers.  We do not have time or space to do this on the dock.  Once they shove they will follow the directions from the marshals.  Remind your coxies that the river is tidal and the tide will be going out while we are racing.

Tide table for Sunday

Su   5      Low   4:28 AM     0.2   
     5     High   9:44 AM     5.7   
     5      Low   4:44 PM     0.1
     5     High  10:09 PM     6.2

Or use this link, http://www.saltwatertides.com/cgi-local/neatlantic.cgi

When returning meet your crews, again with helpers to carry oars, no more than 60 seconds on the dock.


There is NO parking at the WYRA boathouse.  Please follow the instructions from our parent volunteers on the street; they will direct you to parking.  There is a parking garage near the boathouse that will be only $3.00.  You can go to the Shipyard Shops on Justison Street and walk back a little over 1mile along the river to WYRA.

Boat trailers will be parked as they arrive, please follow the instructions of our volunteers helping to park the trailers.  Space is tight; do not try to spread out to get more room.  Also keep the driveways clear until all trailers have arrived.

Chuck Wagons and Tents will be allowed on a first come first served basis.  There is limited space on some grassy areas for tents.  Please set up only one tent per team.  Tents are not permitted in the public park between the bridges.  Remember no grills are permitted in public areas unless inspected and approved by the city.  WYRA will have grilled food for sale.  The first few chuck wagons might be able to park at the end of Poplar Street near the river, after that they will need to be unloaded and parked on the street.  If you set a tent up near your trailer be sure not to impede others trying to use their trailer.

Please be respectful of each other and of the businesses, properties and other citizens around the river on Sunday.  We are in a very public area along the river for the second half of the race course.

Thank You

Enjoy the day and good luck

Joe Sullivan

Regatta Director


WYRA will once again sell food: grilled chicken sandwiches, sweet sausage and pepper sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, pasta salads, homemade cookies, chips, Philly pretzels, water, Gatorade, and sodas, and this year a local farm fresh Ice Cream Truck will be at the Regatta.
Breakfast items: Coffee, tea, bagels, donuts and fruit will be sold from 6:30 am on.

Special Pre-order prices: - your choice of 1 chicken, sausage, burger or 2 hot dog sandwiches, a drink and chips for $6.00. Orders must be placed by midnight Thursday - We will make sure your rowers have their food after their race. Contact Faith@wyra.org for orders.

Clothing: WYRA will sell Regatta t-shirts and related gear. Clothing and memorabilia vendors will also be at the regatta.