City Championships

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta



Here are some reminders regarding traffic and parking for the May 3 City Championship.

*Vehicles will be allowed to enter Kelly Drive at 6 a.m. Do not attempt to arrive earlier; you will be stuck waiting in a long line. Do not attempt to come overnight. Police are patrolling the lot and will ticket and tow any vehicles that do so.

*Chuck wagons and their tow vehicles that are identified with a school or team logo DO NOT NEED A PARKING PASS. Chuck wagons that are unmarked need one pass.

*You may come anytime before Sunday to attempt to stake out your tent spot, but there is no guarantee that those stakes will remain there. Stakes and tape only. Please remember that only PSRA member teams attend City Championship so if you have a usual spot, it should be available for you. This is not Stotesbury.

*Parking passes were issued to teams based on roster size. The passes you received for City Championship accurately reflect the number of parking spots available on the Drive. We are more generous with the number of Flick passes because we know not every team will come to every Flick, and with the gender split for racing, more spots become available during the day.

*Once a pass is collected, you may not leave and re-enter. Plan your day and carpooling accordingly.

*School vans and buses do not need passes. We urge you to use these for re-entry for athletes as well as parents. Some schools use a van to shuttle parents back and forth to a remote parking location. Saves time and money. After drop off, they must park past the finish line on the non-river side of the Drive.

*There is a safe and efficient athlete drop off area at the entrance gate that allows your vehicle to either go up the detour to the parking lots or make a U-turn safely . Please use this area to drop off athletes. Do not drop them off at random places in the traffic line. Do not make U-turns there. This is very dangerous.

*A golf cart and driver will deliver any heavy supplies you have to your tent. Simply drop them off at the drop off area.

*Three trolley shuttles will run throughout the racing day. Sometimes they do get caught in traffic as they make the loop. Be patient.

*Handicapped spots are marked. Only vehicles with handicapped tags may park in them. You  must have both a City Championship pass and a handicapped tag to park in these spots.

*Remember the Drive is one-way at all times.

*Use common sense and courtesy. If everyone follows these rules, there will be ample parking and tent space for every team and its necessary personnel. Please do not berate or threaten the volunteers and staff. Remember all these people are here for a very long day, most without any compensation, so your kids can race.

*Questions can be directed to  Jeremy Gonzalez Ibrahim at

Please share this information with other parents on your team.



Traffic and Parking  Advisory  for  May 3 2015  PSRA  City  Championships
Date Effective:     May 3, 2015 12:00 am

Location: Kelly  Drive  Regatta Closure
● There are important safety and security procedures regarding closure of the race course portion of Kelly Drive on May 3, 2015.

●Temporary police regulation/traffic control will restrict parking/stopping/standing in the Grandstand  Parking Lot and the Canoe Club Parking Lot from 12am through 6am on May 3, 2015.

    On May 3, 2015, between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am, the Philadelphia Police will patrol Kelly Drive and any vehicles/trailers  in these areas will be ordered to leave. Vehicles/trailers parked on the grass/sidewalk are illegally parked and may be cited. These vehicles/trailers will be ordered to leave. Any vehicle or trailer left unattended may be cited  by the Philadelphia Police & towed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

● PSRA will begin entry of vehicles after 6am upon full closure of the affected portion of Kelly Drive.

● Parking passes are currently being mailed to each team. The number of passes for City Championship is less than the number issued for the Flicks series. The Hanging Parking Pass must be displayed hanging from the vehicles rear view mirror. Vehicles  parked without a displayed Hanging Parking Pass may be cited.

● Upon Entry, the Hanging Parking Pass stub will be removed. No Re-Entry is permitted.

● Marked school food trailers/chuck wagons and their tow vehicles entering in tandem DO NOT REQUIRE a parking pass for entry. Unmarked food trailers/chuck wagons and their tow vehicles entering in tandem require ONE [1] parking pass for entry. The tow vehicle must remain at the venue or have a parking pass for re-entry if traveling without the marked school food trailer/chuck wagon in tandem.

●Boat trailer tow vehicles who choose to depart the venue after initial entry with their boat trailer will be permitted re-entry after 4:30PM without a parking pass. Re-Entry prior to 4:30PM will require a parking pass.

●School buses and vans transporting student-athletes do not require a parking pass but must park past the  finish line on the east side of the drive beyond the road curvature. Parking in any other location is  a violation of City parking regulations  and subject to ticketing/towing by the Philadelphia Police and Philadelphia Parking Authority.

● Recreation Vehicles are prohibited from parking at the PSRA City Championships in the Grandstand  Parking Lot, Canoe Club Parking Lot and along the Kelly Drive Closure.

● Parent Tent locations MAY  be staked-out prior to the City Championship. ONLY stakes and tape may  be used. NO tents may be left at the site. Any items left will be considered abandoned.

●Schools who violate the temporary police regulation traffic control will be sanctioned BY PSRA.

Questions and concerns, contact Jeremy Gonzalez Ibrahim at