The Leelanau Chase

  • Hosted By: Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Regatta Site Map

Reference the Regatta Site Map for trailer and car parking.  
Note: Boats are to be unloaded adjacent to the laydown area.   Please note the following process for loading/unloading/parking boat trailers.  
1) Trailers MUST enter the Fountain Point Resort from the North entrance and follow "drive loop" to boat laydown area.   
2) Boats must be unloaded promply (Have athletes available) as there is limited space to load/unload boats.
3)  After unloading boats, follow drive loop to East end of property to area noted for trailer parking.   (Area will be marked off with caution tape.)
4) Loading - Bring trailers back on "drive loop" in reverse direction from which unloading took place.   Load boats and proceed out North entrance with boat trailer.

Google Map to Regatta Site

Mapping Location

990 South Lake Leelanau Dr Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Based on map, take Hwy 204 West from Suttons Bay.  Proceed about 6 miles to Lake Leelanau drive and turn left.  Proceed about 3 miles to entrance to Fountain Point resort.  Note: Boat trailers must make a WIDE swing in order to make the turn.