Ontario Ergometer Championships

  • Hosted By: Ridley Graduate Boat Club

2016 Schedule & Draw

Due to the large number of entries not entered correctly, and changing categories on race day, the timing team has requested that ALL PRE-ENTERED ENTRIES THAT MUST CHANGE CATEGORY ON RACE DAY WILL RACE AT THEIR SCHEDULED TIME AND THEIR TIME WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE FINAL RESULTS -  but THOSE COMPETITORS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR TOP 10 SHIRTS OR MEDALS.  Please therefore, weigh your rowers well in advance, and clearly explain to them what event they should enter... A novice HS rower would not enter the Open men, for example.  Especially when parents are forced to do the entries for their children, they are not familiar with the weight or age categories.  Perhaps hand them a sample entry form, showing what event to enter...


ALL ERGS ARE NOW SOLD - They were $1250. (final price) and brought in new for the event.  Contact nstorrs@yahoo.com to be on a waiting list-.  . 


 Please email the regatta/event host with any questions