Kings Head XXIX Regatta on the Schuylkill

  • Hosted By: Upper Merion Boat Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

September 23, 2015

Official Results are now available on the club website.  We apologize for the delay and the issues we encountered with timing this year.  We thank you for your patience and assure you we are taking steps to prevent this in future years.  Thanks for joining us for a beautiful day of racing.

Kings Head Regatta Team


September 18, 2015

Heat Sheets available on Google Drive:

Thank you

September 17, 2015

A few last minute details and reminders.  But first, we are really looking forward to a great day of racing and happy you will be joining our Regatta, again, or for the first of many!  The weather forecast looks fabulous, a high of 75 and mostly sunny.   And here are some key details to make sure you have what you need to know for race day:

6:45am - 7:30am - Vehicle access for Finish Line Tent Spaces restricted to this time

8am - Coxswains Meeting by the boathouse corner nearest to the trailer parking

9:10am - Races begin, launch by 8:30am

Waivers - Bow numbers will not be given out until all seats in each boat have waivers accounted for, paper or preferably online.  Please provide your athletes with your club code and have your waivers signed in advance. 

Payments - Bow numbers will not be given out until payments are received.  Credit Card payments on Regatta Central are preferred.  Day of the regatta, only cash or checks are accepted.  Please check that your invoice is paid in advance.

Heat Sheets - They should be going up sometime Friday.  Regatta Central is representative of your competition but bow numbers will be in order of registration.

Hot Seat Needs - Please let registration know of any hot seat needs in advance or on race day.  We will communicate to the Dock Master and staff to keep things moving smoothly.

Safety - Please be careful in what can be a crowded, tight space.  Remind your family and friends to be aware of boats and riggers.  For racing, make sure your heel ties are good and equipment in good order for a safe, good race.

Thank you!

King's Head Registration



Registration is now closed.  Two new events were added yesterday:

7BB Mens Alumni 8+

15E Mixed Youth/HS 4x

Email me if anyone else would like to join those events.

Boat Transportation Needed:

Leonid Tochinski is looking for transportation for a 2x from Bachelor's to the Kings Head, and back.  Please email him if you can help:  [email protected]


Sept 16, 2015

Coxswains Meeting to be held at 9am by the parking lot corner of the boathouse near registration.

New event added by request, last event of the day.  Since this is a new addition late fees will be waived.

Event 15E Mixed Youth/HS 4x


Event 6B, Mens Super Veterans 1x for ages 70 and up was moved to the 9:10am slot, and renamed 1F.

This puts it in the same time as the Mens Veteran 1x (55-69).  If you are over 69 and wish to race in 1F, please move your entries or let me know asap.  In 1C your handicap will be capped as if you were 69.


Sept 13, 2015

New event added by request for those who do not qualify for club status:

Event 12B Mens Open 4+


Sept 1, 2015

Finish Line Tent Spaces - The regatta has changed its allocation policy for the prime finish line tent areas.  Reservations for these limited spaces will be taken in advance for a fee of $50.  It is still necessary to restrict access for vehicles to 6:45am until 7:30am only.  Equipment must be offloaded and tow vehicles and trailers must be immediately moved to designated parking areas.  Questions to: [email protected]

If your team would like to reserve one of the finish line area spaces, please register for a space on the event page, just as if it were another race.  It is event number 00.

Boat Trailers - for those schools / clubs bringing trailers to the regatta, please contact Ed at [email protected] so that we can coordinate trailer spaces.  As in the past, these will be on a first to arrive first serve basis, with no reservations or guarantees of a certain location. 




Due to the scheduled visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia on our usual regatta date, we are changing the date for the regatta to be Sunday, September 20th.

We hope you are able to join us then!

(Next year we will be back to our usual date, the last Sunday in September.)


King's Head Regatta