American Youth Cup III

  • Hosted By: Sarasota Crew


Volunteer signup: No volunteers, No regatta! Please consider volunteering at American Youth Cup III, contact [email protected] if you are interested. 

Admission & Parking:  Admission to Nathan Benderson Park is free for all attendees and spectators. There will, however, be a fee for parking on the island. Parking cost is $5.00 per day for all vehicles, except vehicles hauling boat trailer and car topped boats. These vehicles will receive a parking pass, unless otherwise noted. There will also be one additional Coach's Parking Pass per team. Parking passes will be distributed upon the teams arrival.

Tent and Team Space Policy for Nathan Benderson Park: 

Recently, NBP experienced multiple encounters with tents that were not properly anchored or secured that resulted in safety hazards to the venue and its patrons.  Therefore, in the best interest of safety for the athletes and spectators, SANCA is mandating that any tent larger than two combined 10x10 EZ set up tents must meet specific safety standards regarding fire and wind load. In order to ensure that these requirements are met, larger tents are required to be rented through SANCA and installed by the SANCA approved tent contractor.  This policy is to better enhance the safety of our NBP customers.   Please provide your request 10 days prior to the event to ensure availability.  If your team is larger than 75 athletes and you require a larger space special exceptions can be made in writing to accommodate such request.

There are 10’x10’, 10’x20’, 20’x20’ and 20’x40’ tents available to rent. Reserve your prime spot and cheer on your teammates! If you are a smaller club and would like to reserve a space with another team we can accommodate that too! 10’x10’- $150.00 per event

  • 10’x20’- $225.00 per event
  • 20’x20’- $250.00 per event
  • 20’x40’- $450.00 per event

DISCOUNTS available for multi-regatta rentals (if you will be here for Sculling, Sweeps and SE Youth Regionals!). Complete this tent rental form and contact Sarah Kupiec by e-mail: [email protected] or phone: 941.224.9395.

Coaches only Bike Path:  On the western shoreline, there is a dedicated Coaches' Ride Along Path. Traffic pattern on Coaches' path is NORTHBOUND only. To reach the Start Line area, you will ride south on a separate path on the far (inland) side of the coaches' path. Be sure to bring your own bike.

Spectator bikes:  Spectators are welcome to bring their own bikes to utilize throughout this beautiful facility.  All public areas are accessible, except only coaches are allowed on the Coaches' Ride Along Path on the western shoreline.  There is a secondary path which is available to Spectators slightly west of the Coaches' Path.

Trailers: Requested to not arrive prior to noon the day before races begin(unless otherwise approved by SANCA) please contact Sarah Kupiec- [email protected] for coordination.

Friday practice: race course will be open 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (unless otherwise approved by SANCA) please contact Sarah Kupiec- [email protected] for coordination.

Ice:  Bags of ice will be available for sale at the Nathan Benderson Park merchandise tent for $5.00/bag.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed in the park as long as they are on fixed length 6' leashes (not retractable leashes) and they must be picked up after (you must supply your own pickup bags).


Please visit our website for upcoming events and park information!