Sarasota Invitational

  • Hosted By: Sarasota County Rowing Club, Inc/dba Sarasota Masters
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Welcome to the 7th annual Sarasota Invitational Regatta!  Hosted by the Sarasota County Rowing Club, it's hard to believe this regatta is in its seventh year.  The changes from the first event are startling.  In its inaugural year, the SIR had over 300 boat entries and over 600 competitors.  Just seven years later, in 2016, there are over 600 boat entries and 1,300 individual competitors!

All eyes are on Nathan Benderson Park as it has become a world-class rowing venue.  Slated to be North America's premier 2,000 meter sprint course and regatta center, over $40 million has been committed to the facility's development including a multi-function boathouse and state of the art wave attenuation system, now fully in place through the length of the course, making for calmer water in the event of easterly winds.  All starts are from fixed platforms, 1500 meters for Saturday races, 1000 meters for Sunday races.

Sarasota County Rowing Club (SCRC) is a masters-only rowing club located at Blackburn Point in Osprey, Florida.  The club has over 80 full-time members and a large compliment of seasonal members.  Members range in age from 23 to 82 and participate in both sculling and sweep rowing, competitively and recreationally.  SCRC is also home to the Sarasota Adaptive Rowing program, a highly successful team of para-rowers.  SCRC is proud to host the Sarasota Invitational and greatly appreciates the more than 200 volunteers who help make this event possible.


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