MACRA Championships

  • Hosted By: University of Cincinnati Rowing Team
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

East Fork Lake/ Lake Harsha

3294 Elklick Road, Bethel, OH 45106

1. from I-275 Exit #65

2. Take Beechmont Avenue (State Rte. 125) East to Amelia

3. Drive 11 miles on Rte. 125 to the light at Elklick Road.

4. Turn left on Elklick Road.

5. Take next left into East Fork State Park and follow signs to the Beach area.


Parking for Regatta : SPECTATORS

Follow the signs to the Regatta to drop off any passangers and park in the parking lot to the left of the beach house.  If space runs out, exit the regatta area by going back up the hill and park in the outlying lots.  There will be a nominal fee for parking in the outyling lots.  Shuttles wil be provided running between the parking lots and regatta area.


Parking for Regatta : TEAMS

Please refer to the Course/Site Map at MACRA Championships map for clarification and locations of the parking areas and beach area.

Due to the limited amount of parking at the Beach regatta site, traffic will be controlled in the following ways:

1.         Satruday-

Teams will be allowed to unload their boats and set-up their team tents on Saturday without any restrictions as to

time and parking though the beach road access will be closed by the Park Rangers at 11pm.  

Team vans can drop off team members in the lower parking lot area, but need to park in the marked lot at the top of the hill. Team tents are to be set up in the marked area to the left on the grass between the pavilion and the beach. Tent placement is on a "first come” basis.

***If you will be arriving after 11pm, please contact Rolf Linder by phone at 859-221-0339 ***

Teams are allowed to place their boats and oars in the grass to the right of the beach as they enter the beach area down the hill from the park entrance; first come basis.


Trailers can be parked:

a) in the grass area on the right hand side of the beach, parallel with the beach (trailer drivers be warned that the wetness of the season may cause the grass area to be too muddy to park - check the ground before you back in!) 

// OR //

b) in the two right hand parking aisles perpendicular to the beach, across the white lined parking spots, leaving the middle open for traffic.  After the front most parking is established, teams can use the center of the aisles next to their respective trailers for boat storage.  **Please be courteous and leave room for a walking aisle.


2.         Sunday-

Teams will be allowed in the parking lot at the beach until 8:00am for dropping off their teams and equipment.

Depending on the volume of traffic, the access to the beach area may be

curtailed at 8:00 am and you will be asked to park in one of the out-lying parking

lots. Cars with handicap tags will be allowed to park at the beach parking lot at all times in the marked area.

3.       Teams with buses are asked to unload at the farthest row to the left from the entrance to

the parking lot. The curve at the end is a very tight fit for large tour buses and

East Fork State Park has limited bus turn around to that row due to damage to

the median. Buses will ONLY be allowed to park in the last two parking lots to the left. We ask

bus drivers to park at an angle in order to maximize space availability. Once those lots are filled buses will be

directed to park at an out-lying lot.