Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By: Genesee Waterways Center, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


The formal regatta had its start in 1988. Atthat time, it was called the Bausch & Lomb Regatta, and was thefirst regatta to offer the unique format of head races and sprint racesto competitors on the same day. Bausch & Lomb was the originalsponsor of the regatta until 1995 and the regatta was run by theUniversity of Rochester.In 1995, regatta sponsorship was passed to Stonehurst Capital and theregatta wasrun by the University of Rochester and RIT jointly. In 2006, StonehurstCapital withdrew as a sponsor and the name of the regatta changed tothe Head of the GeneseeRegatta.

The Head of the Genesee name was first used in connection with an informal series of head races that had its start in the late 80's. At that time, a few scullers, Mike Totta and John Bernfield among them, did double head pieces on Saturday morning.  That evolved to a slightly more formalized competition (i.e., someone brought donuts) in the mid 90's. That competition typically was held the morning before the Stonehurst Regatta.

The year 2007 marks the 19th running of the regatta. 2007 also marks a changein the regatta format. A second day of racing on Saturday has been added to accomodate demand for Open, High School and Masters rowing. Collegiate racingwill still occur on Sunday as in previous years.