Regional Park Regatta

  • Hosted By: Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


  1. All competitors in a boat must attend the same high school. Composite crews are not allowed.
  2. Rowers may enter in only one championship event or championship. Rowers competing in a championship event may not row in a non-championship event (3rd boat or below).
  3. Rowers may be permitted to double row in two non-championship events.
  4. Coxswains may cox in two events or cox in one event and row in one event.
  5. Athletic eligibility begins with a student’s initial enrollment in the 9th grade. After eight consecutive semesters, a student will have completed his/her athletic eligibility and may no longer participate in VASRA regattas.
  6. Competitors who have reached the age of 19 on or before August 1 of that school year are no longer eligible to participate in VASRA regattas.
  7. Junior events are restricted to competitors in the 11th grade (junior year) or lower. Juniors, including coxswains, must not have attained the age of 18 years prior to September I of that academic year.
  8. A team must enter a first eight in order to enter a second eight. Boats must be the same type and gender. A team may not skip events, i.e., teams not entering a 1st boat may not enter a 2nd or 3rd boat.
  9. No “B” boats are permitted in all sweep, eight and four oared, events. Single and double sculls events are permitted multiple entries per team. Those entries should designate themselves lightweight or junior, if applicable.

Weight Categories

  • All VASRA teams rowing lightweights shall follow the VASRA Rowing Weight Control Program
  • If a Non VASRA team, you are required to provide a copy of SRAA Lightweight Certification for each rower at weigh In.


    A rower’s waiver must be complete and submitted before he or she can race. All waivers must be completed online U.S. Rowing Website

    All team must be Organizational Members of USRowing or all members of the team must be Championship Members of USRowing.

    Coaches Meeting

    2 hours before the scheduled first race, in the erg room above the upper boathouse.

    Coxswains Meeting

    90 minutes before the scheduled first race, in the erg room above the upper boathouse.


    2 hours before the scheduled first race, in the far end of the erg room above the upper boathouse. At "Block Schedule" regattas (No 8s in the morning and all 8s in the afternoon), VASRA will, based on Referee availability, have a 2nd weigh-in period prior to the afternoon break.  The time of the 2nd weigh-in, if offered, will be printed on the official regatta schedule.

    Swim Test

    The school must ensure that all its athletes have passed the VASRA swim test before taking part in competition or practice. This can be a letter from the school stating that the names of all athletes and that they have passed the swimming proficiency test- tread water 2 minutes and swim 100 meters.

    Visiting Crews

    A Visiting Crew must be a scholastic team with all of its members from one school: have completed waivers for each rower, provide verification of swimming ability, provide lightweight certification if applicable, enter via Regatta Central and pay applicable fees.