The Grand Regatta (State Games of Michigan)

  • Jun 25, 2016
  • sprint
  • Grand River
  • Grand Rapids, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club

6/24/16 HEAT SHEET

6/24 8:30 UPDATE: Final until regatta - download above. Any changes to crews, scratches, etc. made on this website or by email will not be able to be accommodated today... thanks for your understanding. See you at the regatta!

We have made changes from the 6/21/16 heat sheet at the request of several coaches. Please use the link above to download the new heat sheet. Feel free to submit questions and concerns to the regatta director, Landon Bartley, by email at [email protected].

Here are the changes that we have made:

We have removed heats for Masters races, instead dividing them into finals based on age. Medals will be awarded for all finals. There were problems with the heats and finals being scheduled very close to each other and also, we believe, will be more fair given different ages and handicaps.

The Mixed Open 2x final has been moved earlier in the day, to the first race after the break.

The Men’s Open 4+ final has been moved to a point just after the Men’s Masters 1x races, and the Mixed Open 4+ has been moved to a point in the middle of the Women’s Jr 2x heats, to minimize new equipment conflicts and we believe resulting in a hot seat for just one athlete. Apologies to him.

The Women’s Open 4+ has been moved slightly later in the day.

We have not changed any event numbers from the new numbers given out yesterday, to avoid further confusion. We also chose to leave some events in place because, even against some coaches’ valid wishes, because moving them on the schedule resulted in more severe conflicts.

Finally, we have added some brief breaks during the regatta to allow for delays and to try to address some known and potential conflicts.