The Grand Regatta (State Games of Michigan)

  • Jun 25, 2016
  • sprint
  • Grand River
  • Grand Rapids, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club

The course is 1000 meters long, raced downstream, for all events. It will be buoyed on the perimeter at the start, finish, and 500m marks, and accommodates 6 lanes of racing.

Categories are: Open, Junior (U-19) and Junior Novice, Masters (27+), and Recreational. Adults aged 19-26 should race in the open or recreational category, if applicable, or can race in masters crews (up to 2 per 8+) with the result of that masters crew's handicap being forfeited. More than 2 U-27 athletes on a masters crew will result in that crew racing on an exhibition basis. Recreational crews are generally adult crews practicing informally, typically with no more than one coached session weekly.


All competitors may participate in a maximum of 3 events. Competitors are responsible for allowing sufficient time to race in one event, land, re-queue, and launch in time for an additional event. With races on 10-minute centers, on a 1000-meter course, raced downstream, we have found that this is not especially difficult.

Hot-seating of athletes and/or boats is discouraged. The Regatta Committee accepts no responsibility for missed start times and will issue no refunds on that basis.

Entries must be received no later than Monday, June 13, 2016 at 11:59 pm eastern time. Late entries will be accepted until the end of Monday, June 20, 2016, but will be assessed a $5 late fee per entry, which will be in excess of the $800 cap if applicable.

Entries are to be submitted online via RegattaCentral. Online registration is open from Monday, May 1 to Monday, June 13, 2016 (June 20 for late entries, with fee assessed).

Masters competitors must submit date(s) of birth for all competitors during the entry process. Crews with missing or incomplete date of birth information will be assigned an average crew age of 27 and a 0.0 handicap. Up to 2 rowers with an age of 21-26 may be accepted into an 8+ Masters Crew at the discretion of the Regatta Committee, but such an addition will result in the handicap being forfeited. Crews seeking to have more than two U-27 rowers in a master's shell may be permitted to do so with the permission of the regatta committee, but as exhibition.

Clubs entering more than one boat for an event, please identify single scullers by name and crews by the stroke's initials. They will be listed that way on the regatta schedule. Depending upon the number of entries, the events may be split into separate club and open events according to the competitive level of the crews. Please honestly designate as such on the entry form. We want the competition to be fair.

The Regatta Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries in any one event. Events with less than three entries may be scratched. Events with large numbers of entries may be split into separate events and/or assigned full-distance heats if appropriate. Confirmed entries will be posted on the RegattaCentral website.

Entry fees are:

1x = $24
2x = $36
4+ = $48

4x = $48
8+ = $60
($800 cap/club)


Scullers and crew representatives must check in at one of two times:

Friday, June 24 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM (Fifth Third Ballpark) 
Saturday, June 25 from 7:00 - 10:00 AM (Regatta HQ at Riverside Park)

Athletes checking in on Friday at Fifth Third Ballpark will also receive a State Games t-shirt and can take part in the Games' Opening Ceremonies. Overnight security will be available at the regatta site in Riverside Park on Friday night. On Saturday, the registration desk will be at the regatta headquarters tent, near the main dock.

All scratches must be reported at least one (1) hour prior to an event and no later than 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Scheduling issues must be brought to the attention of the Regatta Director prior to the Coaches & Coxswains meeting.

This regatta also serves as the rowing event for the State Games of Michigan. The State Games has an Opening Ceremonies event on Friday evening. You do not need to be a resident of Michigan to take part in this regatta or in any State Games activities or ceremonies. For athletes checking in with the State Games, check-in and a complementary t-shirt and Subway meal are available in Comstock Park (a near north suburb of Grand Rapids) at Fifth Third Ballpark, on Friday evening. Registered athletes and coaches are welcome to park at the Grand Rapids boathouse and walk to the Opening Ceremonies to avoid the $6 parking fee at the ballpark... the boathouse is located approximately 1 mile south of the ballpark along a paved walking trail. A State Games schedule is available here.


The Coaches & Coxswain meeting will take place in front of the Headquarters tent in Riverside Park on Saturday, June 25 before racing begins. (Scheduled time is 7:30 am) All coaches, coxswains, and scullers should plan to attend.


Bow markers will be distributed from a desk at the launch area. Bow markers must be returned at the conclusion of racing.

A $10.00 charge will be assessed if the bow markers are not returned. All shells must have bow clips to race.


The following definitions are used at this regatta:

Junior: Maximum age is 18 as of the regatta date, June 25, 2016, and enrolled in high school (or middle school) as of the spring semester immediately preceding the regatta.
Junior Novice: A junior rower meeting the above requirements that has been rowing for no more than one year (i.e. they may not have rowed in this event previously). If a junior novice event is not available, novices may register for junior events. Please email the regatta director at [email protected] if this is the case... if enough novices register for a non-novice event we will consider splitting the event.
Open: Unrestricted.
Master: Minimum age for all rowers is 27.
Mixed: An equal number of women and men in the crew. Unequal crews may be permitted to race as exhibition and only with the prior approval of the regatta director.
Rec: Recreational rowers, with no more than one coached practice/week.

Ages are as of 6/25/16.


All shells must be equipped with a bow ball. Each set of shoes within the shell must be equipped with properly-secured heel tie-downs.

All crews must follow the instructions of the official Aligner upon reaching the starting line area. The Marshall tracks crew arrivals and pre-aligns boats for each race. A floating start is used and there are no lane markers. Be alert!!!

Do not plan on hot seating rowers or equipment unless there is a minimum of 3 races between events. Races are at 10 minute centers, except for heats which may be run on a significantly more aggressive schedule.

Notify the dockmaster if you plan to hot seat at least an hour before your event. If the dockmaster approves, they will give you a brightly colored "hot seat" card. When you have finished your race, hold up the card up for the finish line official. The finish official and launch area official will make every effort to give you priority docking, but safety and fairness are their primary responsibilities. Move quickly and make sure the hot-seating crew is ready in the launch area to take your boat.

Recreational single shells must be less than 22 feet in length and at least 18 inches in width. Single shells longer than 22 feet and/or narrower than 18 inches wide may not be rowed in recreation events.


Except for special circumstances, the regatta committee cannot refund scratches communicated to the regatta beyond the June 13 regular entry deadline.


Results will be posted as they occur at the headquarters tent. Results will be unofficial until such time as the reports of the referees have been received and penalties assessed.

After the race, official results will be available on RegattaCentral, the Grand Rapids Rowing Association's web site at, as well as other rowing websites.