Grand River Marathon Regatta

  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club



The race will start at the Grand Rapids Rowing Association boathouse. The race will be run head-race style, with a single-file rowing start. Races will begin downstream for ~2.5 miles, turn 180º, and continue upstream to the next turn. After another 180, the remainder of the race will be rowed downstream to the finish.

The 2nd turn for the half marathon is 4.05 miles upstream of the finish line (Grand Rapids boathouse), approximately 1000 feet PAST the Jupiter Avenue bridge (the bridge immediately past the Jupiter Boathouse). A buoy and safety launch in the middle of the river will mark the turn. All shells should keep the buoy and launch to the port side as they turn (or continue if rowing the full marathon).

The 2nd turn for the full marathon is ~10.6 miles upstream of the finish line at the Knapp Street bridge. A safety launch will also be stationed at that bridge.

There is a boathouse aid station (Jupiter boathouse at ~8.7 miles in, and Jupiter again on the return), as well as a public boat launch at the 15.6-mile full marathon turn, which can be utilized for breaks. Crews can also stop at the GRRA boathouse (~5 miles in) for a quick break if needed. Recorded times will include any stops taken by the crew. A restrooms, first aid kits, and (free) water bottles are available at both boathouses.

Rowers can switch places and positions within the shell as much as they feel is necessary, including with coxswains. Crews that plan to switch rowers in and out of the crew during the race should email the regatta director with their intention. This is acceptable, but crews that switch rowers in and out along the way will be raced as exhibition.

Both the start and finish line roughly coincide with the north end of the GRRA dock. 


  Half Full
GR Boathouse (start) 0.0 mi 0.0 mi
North Park bridge 0.5  
I-96 double bridge 0.6  
First TURN (boat launch) 2.5  
I-96 double bridge 4.4  
North Park bridge 4.5  
GR boathouse (aid station) 5.0  
Wires over river 5.7  
Jupiter boathouse (aid station) 8.7  
Jupiter bridge 8.8  
Half marathon TURN 9.05  
Northland bridge   10.6
Full marathon TURN (Knapp bridge)   15.6
Northland bridge   20.6
Jupiter bridge 9.3 22.4
Jupiter boathouse (aid station) 9.4 22.5
Wires over river 12.4 25.5
GR Boathouse (finish) 13.1 26.2

















Grand Rapids Boathouse, 291 North Park NW

Use 201 North Park St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544 for GPS mapping purposes. You can also refer to this page for directions: