Cincinnati High School Invitational

  • Hosted By: Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc.
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

Training Day Course:  /cms/uploads/cincinnati_junior_rowing_club/files/Harsha%20Lake%20Practice%20Day%20Map(1).pdf

Race Day Course:       /cms/uploads/cincinnati_junior_rowing_club/files/Harsha%20Lake%20Race%20Day%20Map.pdf

Trailer Map:                /cms/uploads/cincinnati_junior_rowing_club/files/Trailer%20Parking%20Map.png                                                                                           Trailers okay in red areas, boats must be unloaded in the orange area and trailers moved to Indian Mound  

Tent Map:                    /cms/uploads/cincnnati_junior_rowing_club/files/Tent%20Placement%20Map.png                                                                                         Please note that there are 'trash lines' betweent tent set up lanes that must be kept clear.  If you are unclear where to                                             set up, please ask a member of the LOC.  Tent set up okay as of 11AM Friday

Food:                     This year there will be four food vendors at the venue.  They include:  PIzza Tower (pizza), Quite Frankly (hot                                                            dogs and other treats), Kona Ice (snow cones), and Steam'n Joes (smoothies, coffee)