Head of the Passaic

  • Hosted By: Nereid Boat Club, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The 16th Annual Head of the Passaic Regatta

We are looking forward to welcome all returning and many new rowers to the 15th Annual Head of the Passaic Regatta. It will take place on Saturday, October 15th, 2016.

We will post here news and updates when they are implemented.

Please follow our activities on our Website (www.hopr.org) and our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042762682425007/). Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions

Update 9/20/2016: A draft schedule for the regatta is now online available - yet the times are very preliminary and we may have to change the order of events later on. Please check back on the event list often as we try to keep it updated as much as possible. After the registration closes (10/5) the event schedule will be updated (including removal of events with one or no entries - we will email the clubs with single entry events with suggestion to alternative events where their team can start) with the possibility to submit still late registrations. The udpated event schedule will be posted roughly on the next day (10/6). Then after the late registration is closed on 10/8 the event scheduled will be one more time optimized and we hope to have the final schedule posted around 10/11.

Update 10/06/2016: Thanks for everyone who registered for the 16th Annual HOPR! This years numbers are the best over the last three years and we are looking forward to a great regatta!As promised the event schedule has been updated (the event times updated after event with no entries removed) and single entry event closed. As soon as we have been in contact with the coaches of the single enrty events and suggested alteranatives, these will be removed as well - yet they are at the moment still listed - yet without any assigned duration.

Update 10/12/2016: With one day delay the final schedule as well as the heatsheets are now online. Please note that the schedule has again compressed, most of the events have moved in time. Note specicifacally that event 6 and event 33 have been moved to the afternoon / end of the race. Looking forward to welcome you to a great race on Saturday!