Dillon Lake Scholastic Sprints (formerly Dillon Lake Invitational)

  • Hosted By: Dillon Lake LOC
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

Regatta Information Packet

C&C Meeting Information

We won't have time to have much of a meeting after the 6:30 c and c meeting, so I am sending out time trial information now.  Crews will begin launching at 7am and racing begins at 7:30, so everyone must get into position quickly.  We will take a few minutes to do introductions, get heat sheets, answer any questions and start the time trials timing watches at the conclusion of the c and c meeting.

Time trials procedures:
Shells racing in the time trials will be rowing in lanes 5 and 6 which are both fully buoyed.  Odd bow numbers will row in 5 and even bow numbers will row in 6.  Crews will be marshaled into numerical order in the warm up area.  They will enter the course on the paddle in numerical order when called by the start Marshall.   The fingers on the start platform will be pulled in all the way and there will be lane numbers at the end of each facing the crews as they enter the start area.  They are to enter on the paddle and get themselves straight in their lane.  Tom and the rest of the start timers will be in a pontoon boat that is anchored at about the 100 m mark from the start, I.e. 1400 m to go.  Crews will therefore have about 100 m to get themselves up to race pace and pressure.  This will be the responsibility of each crew.  Again, they paddle into their lanes and can take as many strokes on the paddle as needed to get themselves aligned in their lane.  After getting themselves straight in their lane, they will have plenty of meters left to get up to speed before they pass the pontoon boat when timing starts.

If a crew is being overtaken during the race, they must yield to the faster crew.  Crews in lane 6 will move to starboard into lane 7.  Crews in lane 5 will move to port into lane 4.  We will have 3 or 4 (depending on marshaling needs) referee launches stationed down the course, some on the high side and some on the low side to act as safety launches during the time trials.

The top six times from each time trial will race in the afternoon finals.

Time trials run from 7:30 to 9am, when regular heats begin.  This will be a full day of racing.  At least the weather is looking better!

See you all at 6:30 am tomorrow.


Course will be open Friday, April 21 12pm to 6pm.

Race day is quickly approaching! With the number of entries, a few changes have been made to Saturday's schedule:

C&C meeting - 6:30am near the metal shelter by the playground

Head racing for events with more than 14 entries - top 6 teams advance to finals. 

Events with 14 or less entries - 2 heats with top 3 teams from each heat advancing to finals. 


Head race bow markers/bibs will be in team packets at the Registration Tent

Teams are to provide their own bowmarkers (1-7)

Please make sure your rowers are able to back into their correct lane to lock onto the starting platform.

All teams must check in at the registration tent located across from the beach near the Control Center Camper. Registration will be open Friday, April 21, 2017 3pm to 5pm and Saturday, April 22, 2017 6:30am to 9:30am.

DRONE POLICY: US Army Corps of Engineers forbids the use of drones at Dillon Lake.