Kings Head XXI Regatta on the Schuylkill

  • Hosted By: Upper Merion Boat Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


King's Head XXI Regatta on the Schuylkill

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Final Schedule of Events                      


1.) 10:10  1A- Mens Champ Singles      

     1B- Mens Club Singles          

     1C- Mens Veteran Singles (55-69: 6 sec/yr)

                  1D- Mens HS Singles                                            


2.) 10:35  2A- Womens Champ Singles (Cancelled-No Entries)         

     2B- Womens Club Singles     

     2C- Womens HS Singles                                                     


3.) 11:00  3A- Mens Master Fours (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  3B- Mens HS Quads             

     3C- Mens HS Fours

     3D- Womens HS/Jr  Fours


4.) 11:30  4A- Mens Master Doubles (35-44: 6 sec/yr)                        

                  4B- Mens SR Master Doubles (45-69: 6 sec/yr)                  

                  4C- Mens College Youth Doubles (Not 20, yr of regatta) (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  4D- Womens Master Doubles (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  4E- Womens HS Doubles                                                      

                  4F- Womens Club Doubles    (Cancelled-No Entries)


5.) 11:55  5A- Womens Club Fours

                  5B- WomensCollege Fours    (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  5C- Womens Master Fours (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  5D- Womens HS Fours


6.) 12:20  6A- Mens Novice Singles

                  6B- Womens SR Masters Singles (45-54: 5 sec/yr)

                  6C- Womens Veteran Singles (55-69: 6 sec/yr)

                  6D- Mens Super Veterans Singles (70-Up: 7 sec/yr)

                  6E- Womens Super Veterans Singles (70-Up: 7 sec/yr) (Cancelled-No Entries)


7.) 12:45  7A- Mens Club Eights (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  7B- Mens College Eights

                  7C-Mens HS Eights

                  7D- Womens HS/JR Eights (Not 17, yr regatta)                                   


8.) 1:10    8A- Womens Quads (THCE: 6 sec/yr) 

                  8B- Womens HS Quads

                  8C- Mens HS/Jr Fours (Not 17, yr regatta)


9.) 1:35    9A- Mens Open Doubles  (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  9B- Mens HS Doubles

                  9C- Father/Son Doubles *     

     9D- Mixed Parent/Child Doubles *                   

     9E- Mother/Daughter Doubles *  (Cancelled-No Entries)   

      * (9C-9E: 6 sec/yr for rowers under 18 and over the age of 45)


10.) 2:00  10A- Mens Master Singles (35-44: 4 sec/yr)        

                  10B- Mens SR Master Singles (45-54: 5 sec/yr)   

                  10C- Womens Master Singles (35-44: 4 sec/yr)

                  10D- Womens Novice Singles

                  10E- Mens Recreational Singles            

                  10F- Womens Recreational Singles  (Cancelled-No Entries)


11.) 2:25  11A- Womens Club Eights     (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  11B- Womens HS Eights

                  11C- Womens Master Eights (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)   

                  11D- Mens HS/JR Eights (Not 17, yr of regatta)


12.) 2:50  12A- Mens Club Fours

                  12B- Mens College Youth Fours (Not 20 yr of regatta)  (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  12C- Mens HS Youth Fours (Not 20 Year of regatta)


13.) 3:15  13A- Mens Open Quads   (Cancelled-No Entries)              

                  13B- Mens Master Quads (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  13C- Mixed Eights (THCE: 6 sec/yr)           


14.) 3:40  14A- Mixed Doubles

                  14B- Mixed Master Doubles (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  14C- Mens Pairs (THCE: 6 sec/yr)


15.) 4:05  15A- Mens Champ Eights      (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  15B- Womens Champ Eights  (Cancelled-No Entries)

                  15C- Mens Master Eights (35-Up: 6 sec/yr)

                  15D- Mixed Quads (THCE: 6 sec/yr)