Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community inclusive Rowing
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

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Please see new venue map to help with where team food tents are allowed (OUTSIDE the baseball fences and foul lines, many thanks to Chuck Schneider of Pittsford Crew for sharing this great google map.



Please see NEW Map of Novice Course entered in Venue.  Novice Course Length 2,366 meters.

Maps of the Venue are available for 2017 under Venue.

NO FOOD tents for crews and NO crews are allowed inside the infield of the baseball diamond.

You MUST NOT consume valid trailer space OR boat rigging space for food - if you inhibit another crew from placing a trailer or rigging boats you and your parents will be moving your tents out of the way.

There is an out field fence of the ball diamond that parallels the foot path --- this is a good place to put food tents as well as along the back side of the left field (3rd base side) line near the ice rink or outside the right field (1st base line).

Do NOT park trailers or food near the fence with the protapotties or you will have to MOVE it, 

Do NOT block the entrance to the Dock 1 docks..... this path must be left open for boats retruning after racing!

NOTE- NOVICE boys and girls are racing on SUNDAY PM on a shortened cousre... their races will start just south of the "S" curve and will finsih at the normal finish line.

The Head of the Genesee is a USRowing registered regatta and will ONLY accept online usrowing waivers. Please follow these steps to fill out your usrowing waiver if you have not already done so. Please remember to link your affiliation - the club you are racing with -  in the information section of the waiver. NO PAPER WAIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Your entry will not be considered complete without the usrowing online waiver.  You can sign up for $5.75 - be ready to pay if needed.

Go to: www.usrowing.org

Click: Join/Renew in upper right hand corner (On your phone it looks different, scroll down)

Scroll midway down and click - Basic (free - waiver only) membership, or if you are a member follow that path

Click , either, Join or Renew

Fill out all the info - YOU WILL NEED your CLUB code...get it from yoour coach or admin person, Fill out the information page - completely with your Club affiliation (you may need to refresh your browser or try a different browser if Chrome doesn't work)

Call US Rowing for help at 1-800-751-0700 or 800-314-4row

This regatta is registered with USRowing and requires the once-a-year USRowing waiver.

Waiver instructions for ALL participants (Including international athletes):

  1. To submit the annual USRowing waiver, athletes must be active members of USRowing
  2. To join (or renew) and submit your waiver, go to https://membership.usrowing.org (coaches: Forward this link to your club's participating athletes)
If you need assistance, contact USRowing at 800-314-4ROW or members@usrowing.org


The regatta director is not the resource for you to comply with this - call US Rowing and / or Regatta Central - thank you for understanding!


The Regatta Director phone number changed - to contact me call 585-465-2634