American Youth Cup Series II

  • Mar 28, 2021
  • sprint
  • Sarasota, FL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Sarasota Crew

MASKS ARE REQUIRED by anyone on the island at ALL times when they are on land. Masks may be removed once a boat has left the dock and must be put back on before they come back on land.

Trailers - We will provide a map of where the trailers will go that will likely be posted the day before the race once we coordinate it with Nathan Benderson Park. If you are racing at West Districts, you will be able keep your trailer in place for both events.

Parking - Venue Map

Individuals on the Island - Only athletes and coaching support staff will be allowed on the island.

Tent Reservation - Please make sure to note if you want the tent for both West Districts and AYC II or just AYC II:

Spectators - We are lucky to have an awesome venue for spectators even though they will not be able to be with their rowers. The entire West shoreline is open to public and spectators are allowed to set up anywhere along the entire 2000 meter course.

Drop off and entry onto the island - There is no drop off on the island. Please check the map!

Food - large food tent set ups are not to be organized by parent groups. We recommend ordering pre-made and individually wrapped options for any and all meals. Pre-packaged items are an easy addition.

Team Areas - Each team will be given a designated area they should stay to if they are not getting ready for a race. That area will be close to their trailer and boat set up and/or the tent area. We want to limit the intermingling between teams.

Vendors - We are not allowed to have vendors on the island at this time.