RCiR Moonlight Row

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community inclusive Rowing

Rochester Community inclusive Rowing – Moonlight Row

Fundraiser for Building Fund – 20 Black Creek

Purpose: Scull 363 Miles on the Erie Canal to generate support necessary to close the financial gap in our building campaign

Overview: This is the 200th Birthday of the opening of the Erie Canal.  The Erie Canal is 363 Miles Long.  August 4 is Full Moon.  Rowing in the Moonlight is awe inspiring.  Our Veterans and other folks with disabilities are Awe Inspiring!!!!  We will row 363 miles (in 2 Km Lap – 1.25 mile increments) funded by our supporters and pledge makers to raise $14,000 by rowing to complete the Fundraising Campaign necessary to begin building the Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing Training facility and boathouse.


Launch Site and Parking:

Erie Canal Heritage Trail
2621 South Clinton Ave.
Rochester NY, 14618

GPS Location in degrees, minutes, seconds

Latitude: 43° 6'28.27"N
Longitude: 77°35'54.84"W

OR in Decimal


Festivities will be at:

The Clubhouse at The Reserve on The Erie Canal
1 Reserve View Blvd.
Brighton NY 14618

Special Note:

At 03:10 am, the Saturn/Moon Conjunction.  All operations will pause for a 2 minute homage to Seskehko:wa “Full Sturgeon Moon” according to the Ho-den-o-SAW-nee (Iroquois Nation)

Site Operation: (site map in VENUE Section)

  1. Parking for vehicles will be at Erie Canal Heritage Trail Parking Lot (see address above).
  2. Boat storage along the canal will be at Erie Canal Heritage Trail Parking Lot.
  3. Rest facilities will be at facilities provided at the parking lot and in the clubhouse.
  4. Inclement weather shelter will be provided.
  5. In case of thunderstorms (etc.) instructions will be given by megaphone by on water marshals.  Shelter will be at under I-390 bridges and Winton Road Bridge, as well as in the Clubhouse.
  6. Registration will be at Launch dock site.
  7. Scullers may wish to bring a tent to take naps, change, recharge, etc.
  8. Site Security will be in operation from Friday 6:00 pm until Saturday noon.  Your boat will be secure and under observation.  If you row to the site from the Genesee River, please do it in full daylight.  Escort to or from river boathouses cannot be provided.

Course Rules:

  1. Scullers will sign in and receive bow number.
  2. Scullers will sign onto and off of the water.
  3. Scullers will sign up for available time slots.
  4. Course length is 1000 meters centered in front of The Reserve Community docks.  End turn around buoys are marked and lit.  A safety monitor launch with official will be stationed at each end of the course and on the central docks. (Course turns will be at the I-390 bridge and at the Winton Rd. Bridge.)
  5. Laps will be monitored and logged by the dock master.
  6. A buoy line dividing lanes will be down the center of the canal.  Please row in your respective lane as appropriate to your direction.
  7. One lap will be considered 1.25 miles for the purposes of our goal of 363 miles rowed.
  8. One lap in a single will contribute 1.25 miles to our goal.
  9. One lap in a double will contribute 2.5 miles to our goal. (with 2 people in the boat)
  10. One lap in a quad will contribute 5.0 miles to our goal.  (with 4 people in the boat)
  11. Be nice, be aware, have fun.

Safety Procedures:

  1. Scullers are personally responsible for their own personal safety, equipment, and conduct.
  2. Boats are required to have red and green bow lights, white stern lights, PFD, and conform to all appropriate rules of Erie Canal Navigation and those of New York State.
  3. All boats should launch from the Reserve Community Docks. (Please be part of the festivities on site.  See regatta staff to discuss any transportation needs.)
  4. Scullers are to sign onto and off of the water.
  5. Traffic pattern is Counter Clockwise.
  6. Faster traffic has right of way down centerline of course (“Look Ahead”).  Slower traffic defer to banks (starboard).
  7. When in doubt, move to the side, and walk it out.
  8. Do NOT row beyond Turn Marshals.
  9. This is not a USRowing sanctioned regatta.
  10. Be Nice, Have Fun.