Hoover Invitational

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Please bring water, as there are no faucets or hoses to fill containers.



 Thank you for registering for the Hoover Invitational.  We are looking forward to great competition on Saturday.  We have a very tight schedule and very tight parking.  We would greatly appreciate everyone's help with the following in order to assure that everyone has a spot for their trailer and the regatta runs on time:


            To accommodate all trailers: all trailers must be parked parallel

            Be sure that the trailer drivers understand that there are two trailer lots.  The first is at Walnut and Sunbury - the 2nd is 150 yds north of the first lot.  If there is a LOT FULL sign at the entrance, proceed to the next lot

            When pulling into the Walnut St lot, turn right into the lot and then back into the trailer portion of the lot.


            Please observe the signage in where to place boats and tents in the park

                        All boats must be placed parallel

                        All tents must be set up in the tent area only

                        No boats can be stored on or placed in slings in the parking lot - they must be on grass

                        Parking attendants will be on hand to help guide you and to assure that the trailers are parked close enough so that we can accommodate all trailers.


            At Westerville regattas, we require oar carriers to accompany boats to the outgoing dock.  You will not be permitted to proceed to the dock without oar carriers present.  We also expect several oar carriers from the team to help their teammates on the incoming dock.  This doubles the speed in which the boats can get off the water.


            Be sure that all coxswains understand how to back into a start platform and how to scull.

            Weigh ins: will begin at 7:00am.  Coxswains do not have to weigh in; however, the boat needs to weigh in together.  Weigh ins will run between 7:00 and 9:30 at the shelter house.


            Buses will pull up along the 'closed lane' on Sunbury Rd to let the rowers off - then should proceed to Windsor Bay plaza parking lot (at the corner of Sunbury and County Line Rd - 3/4 mile north of Walnut St)


            Please note: the heat Sheet has 12:00 listed for all of the Final Only events.  Please disregard this.  We won't be running heats for the final only events.  The finals will begin right after the heats at 3:10.


Thank you very much for your cooperation.  We look forward to greeting you this weekend.


Have a safe trip.


Trish Chase

Regatta Director

614-565-9198 cell