• Hosted By Belmont Rowing Center
  • USRowing Registered


The schedule may get compressed based on the number of entries. A revised schedule will go out on 1 March 2018.

Check-in at least 1.5 hours prior to your event. Check in again 10 minutes before your event to make sure you have adequate time to warm up and that staff know you are still present.



Please register for the race of your age that you will be on the date of the regatta (3 March 2018).



Weight will be taken at check-in. Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes in advance of your race.

Youth (max): Boys 150lb, Girls 130lb 

Collegiate (max): Men 160lb, Women 130lb



Collegiate Novice events are limited to college students in their first year of collegiate rowing.



Each relay team will compete on 2 ergs simultaneously (instead of on 1 erg sequentially). There will be no changing of rowers on the erg.



At check-in, alert regatta staff to any health-related issues.

Alert medical and/or regatta staff immediately if you experience abnormal breathing or other health problems at the end of your race.



Awards will be presented in all events where there is at least one entry and at the conclusion of each event.



Allow competitors in earlier races to use the warm up ergs before you.

Adjustments are allowed to seat, foot stretcher, and vent. The monitor will be pre-programmed.

Coxswains must remain to the rower's left rear and not be next to or in front.

If you erg becomes disconnected from the Concept2 Racing System, do not stop rowing. All data is retained in the monitor and will be used for placements.

Upon completion of the race place handle on the handle cradle and not up against the erg machine.