20th Annual Busfield Regatta

  • Hosted By Binghamton Rowing
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

This year marks the 19th Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta. The first Busfield was in 1998. This first Regatta took place at the Genesee River because that Les Wagner Rowing Center was not yet constructed.  This Regatta honors S. Fenton and Ethel Busfield. They were the parents of Margaret ‘Joan’ Rees, the mother of Andrew ‘Andy’ Rees (Class of ‘97). Andy was the president of Binghamton Crew from 1996 to 1997.

"The Busfield Regatta drew from the foundation that had been set up as a scrimmage. The scrimmage was originally set up between RIT and us. Our teams had met each other at the Stonehurst that year and we wanted to get a scrimmage set up between our two squads to allow each of us more racing practice in our all too short time on the water before the main regattas of Metro, States and Vails. The idea was to make it be a low key event but one that would be hosted by each of us on alternating years. But this format all changed after the squad received the Busfeild boats. The 1997-1998 E-Board decided that they wanted to do something more to show the squad's appreciation and build up our little scrimmage into more of a full fledge regatta. This honor was well beyond anything my family had expected. Just seeing the happiness and the pride that the rowers had getting into boats that had never been owned by another program was thanks enough." -Andrew Rees '97