Rogue Valley Indoor Rowing Championship

  • Hosted By Rogue Rowing

Race Parameters

  • All participants must complete the Rogue Rowing Waiver.
  • Competitors may compete in one event only (except rowers may also enter the relay race, see below).
  • Competitors should allow sufficient time to weigh in (if necessary), warm up, and be in the on-deck area at least five minutes before their event.  Failure to register or be on deck at the appointed time will result in exclusion for the competitor.
  • An announcer will call competitors to the on-deck area. Failure to be in this area five minutes before the start of a race may result in the competitor missing important last-minute information as well as possible exclusion from the race.

Weigh-in for Lightweight Competitors

Weigh-in for all lightweight events will take place near the registration desk. All weigh-ins must be completed at least one hour before the scheduled event.  Each competitor has only one chance to make weight. Weigh-ins will begin at 7:00 a.m. and end at 11 a.m.

Event Specifications (See below for more detailed descriptions)

  • Lightweight    Junior Boys: 150 lbs. or less          Junior Girls: 130 lbs. or less     (US Rowing Youth Crew weight limits), Collegiate and Master Men: 155 lbs. or less, Collegiate and Master Women: 130 lbs. or less
  • Novice             High School and Collegiate competitors only - must be in his/her first year of rowing, Masters must be in first 2 years of rowing

Weight Class Changes

If a rower does not make weight, he or she will be moved to the next higher weight class.  The rower will not be physically moved to compete in the new event.  Instead, the rower will race in his or her originally scheduled event with results being posted to the reclassified event.  This is to minimize last minute changes to events, heats, and erg assignments and to help keep the day’s events on schedule. 

Under no circumstances will a rower be allowed to move to a lower weight class from where he or she was originally registered, even if he or she makes weight for that class.

Mixed Relay Race

At the conclusion of the regular races, there will be mixed relay races. A relay team shall consist of 3 boys/men and 3 girls/women.  

Each participant in the relay must row 500 meters for a team total of 3,000m. The first rower begins seated on the machine. When the 500 meter interval is completed, the next competitor may approach the handle. The other relay competitors may hold the rowers feet or secure the foot straps.  Due to space constraints, no race “coxswains” are allowed within the racing area.  Relay members may not interfere or obstruct other teams.


Competitors are responsible for their own warm-up. Several ergs will be available in a designated space. Please limit warm-ups to 10 minutes.