ROWONTARIO Masters Championship Regatta

  • Jul 15, 2018
  • sprint
  • Welland, ON (CAN)
  • Hosted By: Row Ontario
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO


Updated results for Event 46 Women's C+ 8+

July 23: It was brought to my attention that we had configured the age settings incorrectly in RegattaMaster for this event, so the age adjustments were not correct.  We will be sending Don Rowing Club a set of silver medals for their 8+, with our apologies for that error.  And we still recognize and aknowledge the medals given out on the day based on the results we had. -- Andrea Miller, Regatta Manager

Thank you everyone for a great day of racing!  See you next year. 

Updated: July 12th

Race Bulletin


Notice: ROWONTARIO takes photographs and videos at regattas for internal use and promotional purposes in print and electronic format. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Ereka Roach at or 416-759-8405. 


  • As per the Regatta Package: "All international athletes must submit a signed waiver by 7:30am on Sunday July 15th for racing and prior to launching for practice on Saturday July 14th." 


If you missed the June 30th WRS deadline, please register ASAP and email to inform of late registration.  Your regatta entry will still be accepted, but this step will avoid any potential issues. 

Also, please note - we have become aware there is an issue with RegattaCentral's Compliance reporting.  If you attempt to register an athlete or coach who is listed as "non-compliant", but you know they are registered and active in WRS, please continue with your registration and ignore the warning.  ROWONTARIO has other procedures in place to confirm this information.  If you have any difficulty registering an athlete or coach for the regatta whom you know is registered and active in WRS, please email and she will assist.  

Updated: May 31st

Tickets are now on sale for the ROWONTARIO Masters Championships Social at the beautiful Hernder Estates!  Tickets can be purchased under the "Register" tab under "Banquet" on the left-hand side. We hope you will join us. 

Updated: May 22nd 

Because many people have asked, the Parent-Child 2x is open to any child who meets the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Regatta Package -- the child does not have to be a Masters (21+) rower!  You can register in advance, or register on site up to 1 hour before the posted race time! 


Please review the Regatta Package for important information related to:

  • Coaches Meeting
  • Wet-Launching
  • Lightweight & Coxswain Weigh-Ins
  • Course Practice Times
  • Regatta Office Hours
  • Eligibility
  • Progression Format & Medals
  • RCA Rules of Racing Exceptions
  • Entry Deadlines & Payment Terms
  • Entry Fees
  • Late Entries & Late Entry Fees
  • Substitutions & Scratches
  • Trillium Chase Details

NEW IN 2018!

  • Entry-based fee structure, in accordance with the new RCA and ROWONTARIO Membership Models
  • Revised event list and order of events based on a multi-year review of entries by age category, as presented at the 2017 ROWONTARIO Training Conference
  • Parent-Child 2x event added with day-of registration deadline
  • Open practice time before races on Sunday AM as well as Saturday afternoon
  • New annual review process by task force to review events and enhance overall regatta experience

The ROWONTARIO Masters Championships Regatta is Challenge #4 of the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series.  The Trillium Chase is a monthly 1x Challenge Series – a single sculler’s ‘Grand Prix’ – organized by ROWONTARIO. Each month, single scullers of all ages will have the opportunity to earn points toward the ROWONTARIO Trillium Cup, which will be co-awarded to the male and female sculler, regardless of category, who wins the most points throughout the series. 

Please review the complete ROWONTARIO Trillium Chase information package online ( for detailed information about the Series.

Athletes will be awarded points toward the ROWONTARIO Trillium Cup based on their age or para category, not the category they race in.  Points will be awarded based on the results of an athlete’s earliest 1x race of the day and applied to the appropriate Trillium Chase category, using the birth date entered at time of registration. All competing athletes who compete in a 1x event will be awarded points.