Miami Shake an Erg

  • Jan 26, 2019
  • indoor
  • Miami, FL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Shake A Leg Miami
  • 2019 Indoor Membership Regatta


This event is a USRowing Registered Regatta. See below for event specifications. All competitors must have a USRowing waiver (can be done on Regatta Central online or for non US Rowing members can be done race day at the registration area). Competitors under age 18 must have a parent or guardian's signature. All races are finals.

    Distance/ Event  
  Event Time Fee Other Specifications
1 Mens Adpative 2k  $         25 Adult men 18+
2 Womens Adaptive 2k  $         25 Adult women 18+
3 Girls 10-12 years of age 4 minutes  $         25 Age on race day
4 Boys 10-12 years of age 4 minutes  $         25 Age on race day
5 Girls 7-8th grade 1.5k  $         25 School grade on race day
6 Boys 7-8th grade 1.5k  $         25 School grade on race day
7 Freshman HS LtWt Girls 2k  $         25 <= 130lbs
8 Freshman HS Girls 2k  $         25  
9 Freshman HS LtWt Boys 2k  $         25 <= 160lbs
10 Freshman HS Boys 2k  $         25  
11 HS LtWt Girls 2k  $         25 <= 130lbs
12 HS Girls 2k  $         25  
13 HS LtWt Boys 2k  $         25 <= 160lbs
14 HS Boys 2k  $         25  
15 Women 18-39 2k  $         25  
16 Men 18-39 2k  $         25  
17 Women 40-59 2k  $         25  
18 Men 40-59 2k  $         25  
19 Women 60+ 1.5k  $         25  
20 Men 60+ 1.5k  $         25  
21 HS Girls Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
22 HS Boys Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
23 Open Womens Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
24 Open Mens Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
25 Middle School Girls Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
26 Middle School Boys Relay 2k  $       100 4 team members 500m each
27 Girls Adaptive 2k  $         25  
28 Boys Adaptive 2k  $         25  
29 Women 18+ 500M Sprint 500M  $         25  
30 Men 18+ 500M Sprint 500M  $         25  

All races will be held on Concept2 Model D ergs. Concept2 provides the electronic timing system used for this regatta. Racers and spectators can watch their performance on a projected screen during all races.

Competitors may set their ergometer to the fan setting of their choice, but may not alter the setting after the race has started. Competitors may not put any substance on the erg handles.

The race organizers reserve the right to:

  • Change the schedule of events.
  • Combine events that have fewer than 20 registered participants.
  • Limit the number of events or flights.
  • Suspend the use of the Concept2 electronic timing system and replace it with a manually timed system.
  • Adjust final race time and schedule based on total number of athletes entered.
  • Accelerate the schedule of events by up to 15 minutes.

Rules of Racing for Team Relays - 4 x 500m

  • Relays consist of 4 x 500m pieces totaling 2000m, each competitor on a team rows only one piece.
  • Each rower must pull up to but not past their 500m.
  • Relay teams must be prepared to pull their race using only the space defined by 1 erg. Enter Right leave left.
  • No touching the active rower during their piece (no feet holding). No interfering with neighbor teams.

Check In

All competitors or coaches must check-in at the registration desk prior to their event. Competitors should plan to be at the venue at least 1½ hours before their scheduled race.

Lightweight Weigh-Ins - Honor System


Warmup and Race Preparation Information Begin warmup 30 minutes before your race; you will need to be on-deck 10-15 minutes before. A flight of ergs will be available for warmup. They will be separate from the racing ergs. Please come to the on-deck area properly warmed up and ready to race. Please limit your warmup to a maximum of 15 minutes to give everyone a chance to warm up. Rowers should not plan to use the racing ergs for warmup as time may not permit this (all times are recorded with pen and paper in case of software failure). Rowers may set the drag (fan setting) and the heel height of their assigned racing ergometer (fan setting may not be changed during the piece). On Deck (Mandatory Pre-Race Instructions) Competitors must allow sufficient time to weigh-in (if lightweight), warmup, and be in the on-deck area at least 10 minutes before their event. Failure to be in this area 10 minutes before the start of your race may: • result in competitors missing important last minute information • result in missing check-in and not being able to compete


A city paramedic will be set up to deal with on-site emergencies. They will be in the main competition area. Anyone who feels ill or thinks they may need EMS attention should go to the paramedic. Coaches are asked to be mindful about the following: ¨ Athletes who are fighting a flu or a cold should not compete ¨ Athletes should eat two or three hours before competing, but generally not less than two hours before competing ¨ Athletes should stay hydrated as well