Heart of Texas

  • Hosted By: Austin Rowing Club
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

1/31/19  Added clarification to the Rules section:

***The rule that no juniors rower who competes in a Varsity event may also compete in any JV event is being waived for juniors rowing racing in both the Varisty 4+ event and the JV 8+ event because there is no JV 4+ event this year.  However, this rule will be enforced as to rowers racing in both the Varsity 8+ event and the JV 8+ event.***

Added events:

Event 100 Mens Masters 4+

Event 106.1 Womens Masters 4+

Addition of break to Sat March 2nd Schedule:

There will be a break between events 124 and 127 to accomodate equipment needs.  

Added 2/24/19 Team Point Trophies detail under Rules & Eligibility