Gold Coast Classic

  • Hosted By: Port Rowing
  • 2020 Indoor Membership Regatta

The race organizers reserve the right to:
1 Change the tentative schedule of events
2 Combine events that have less than 10 registered participants
3 Limit the number of events or flights
4 Suspend the use of the Concept2 electronic timing system and replace it with a manually timed system.
5 Adjust final race time and schedule based on total number of athletes entered
6 Accelerate the schedule of events by up to 15 minutes

Check In:
All competitors or coaches must check-in at the registration table located in the gymnasium. Check-in begins at 7:00 am. Competitors should plan to be at Schreiber High School at least 90 minutes before their scheduled race.

Lightweight Weigh-Ins:
All weigh-ins must be completed at least one hour before the scheduled event. Weigh-in opens at 8:00am and closes 2 hours prior to last posted race time.
Men Open & Collegiate is 165 pounds. Junior Men is 155 pounds.
All Women 135 pounds.
Note: For those who may potentially not make weight, be aware of the schedule for an alternate
event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to change into an event for which he or she is
qualified. Race organizers will attempt to accommodate any lightweight competitor who fails to make weight.


Warm-up and Race Preparation:
A fleet of ergs will be available for warm-ups. They will be separate from the racing ergs. Please share the ergs and limit the warmup to 10 minutes if there is a wait for the machines.  

Medals will be given to the top 3 in each category