The Lindamood Cup

  • Hosted By Harmar Rowing Club/Marietta High School Crew
  • 2019 Registered Regatta




The Muskingum River course is 5 lanes wide and 1500 M long. At least two entries must be received to constitute a race. A freshman oars person must be a freshman in high school. A junior oars person must be a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school. A novice oars person is in his/her first year of high school rowing.

Men's lightweight rower limit is 150 pounds. Women's lightweight rower limit is 130 pounds.

All B Boats

B boat entries will be accepted in events only if they do not create an extra heat. B Boat entries medal but no points will be awarded toward the cup. B boats will be placed in the order we receive them.

Races will not be held for hotseats. Please allow at least an hour between scheduled events for your rower.

You are responsible for your own bow numbers.  No crew races without waivers or fees being submitted.