The Lindamood Cup

  • Hosted By Harmar Rowing Club/Marietta High School Crew
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

The Lindamood Cup is a 1500m, 5 lane course on the Muskingum River.

When one looks at a map of the area notice the street names on the east side of the river.

The start is just north of Montgomery Street

The finish is between Scammel St and Putnam St.

The docks are at about the 1000 meter mark. ( 500 meters to the finish)

On the day of the regatta all shells shall be kept on the west side of Gilman Ave. NO TEAM SHOULD KEEP SHELLS ON THE RIVER SIDE (EAST SIDE) OF GILMAN AVE. DURING THE REGATTA. This will allow for spectators and team tents to be on the river side of Gilman Ave.

Team tents may be set up on the east (river side) of Gilman Ave. We ask that each team keep the area of your tent clean. When you are finished for the day, please clean up your own trash and place it in the dumpsters that will be onsite. The picnic shelter area at the Finish Line is for official use only. Teams are to stay clear of the picnic shelter area at the Finish Line. Anyone setting up in this area will be asked to move.

Cheering your team is a great way to support your rowers. Unfortunately, noisemakers other than your voice can interfere with the officials' ability to communicate with each other and therefore are prohibited.