Virginia Boat Club Sprints Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By Virginia Boat Club
  • 2019 Registered Regatta



Update 06/07/19, The updated and  Final Heat sheet is uploaded.    Any additional changes  should be communicated at the Coaches, Coxswains and Scullers meeting  tomorrow at the race Course.

We look forward to seeing you.  Safe Travels.




Update 06/06/19 , The updated  Heat sheet is attached. 

There have been 4 additional entries made  in the Mens Open 1X, Women's 4, Womens Masters 2x, Mixed 4x.

Some changes to line ups resulting in changed handicaps, and some  shuffling of race time for a few events around noon, to better allow for hot seating.



Update 06/05/19 

This is the Provisional Heat Sheet.  A final version will be posted at 8.00PM  on Friday June 7th 2019.  Any changes after this time will need to be addressed at the Registration Desk on site.

Please note that we have tried to take into account  the time between races to allow competitors to  praticipate in multiple races.  In most instances a 30 minute gap has been found to be sufficient as the layout of the dock in relation to the course starting area  requires no more than 10 minutes to get from the dock to the start area.

If you have any concerns about the gap between races , please contact the entries secretary on . However only gaps of less than 30 minutes between races will be reviewed for additional solutions.

Thank you.

Stephen Chilmaid