The Grand Regatta (State Games of Michigan)

  • Jun 22, 2019
  • sprint
  • Grand River
  • Grand Rapids, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club

Final Race Results


June 21- update-

overflow parking will be at the 5/3rd ballpark , just north of the boathouse. there is a paved path from the lot to the boathouse. 

if at the boathouse, turn right onto Northpark, then turn right onto west river drive, then turn right at the ball park entrance.. go to the southern most lot, then take the walking/biking path to the boathouse. 






June 14 update-

1. State Games of Michigan Waiver- 

this also must be filled out for EACH rower!


2. click onto REGISTER, click onto INDIVIDUAL-next

3. fill out date of birth and gender, click next

4. scroll ALL the way to the bottom, click onto waiver only, then scroll down a little more and under the waiver it will say GENERAL, ,CLICK ON '1'. click checkout

5. this will bring you to the general waiver form that the Meijer State Games requires.


Registration deadline is Tuesday, June 18, by 11:59pm

Late registration is only on limited availability, and only until Friday, June 20, at 10am. If  your team has missed the registration deadline and would still like to be considered, please contact - Mark Azkoul at [email protected]. Will need to include the following information:

1. Event numberr

2. Event name

3. Athlete Name

4. gender

5. Date-of-birth

registration entry fees/late registration fee will be due on race day, and must be turned in PRIOR to any racing. No boats will be launched if upaid. 

Waivers- Please make sure that your rowers have completed thier waivers, many times there is a snafu due to differant spellings of names.We cross referance USRowing names with Regatta Central , so they have to match. 

We had originally listed that the races would be on an 6 minute start, we have changed that to 8 minutes. This gives us some wiggle room. The current is very fast yet , and starts may take a little longer to line up. We would rather over estimate the time needed, and get the teams all on thier way home (with thier medals!)earlier than planned, rather than later. 

As always- these regattas are run by volunteers, please if you see a need  , and you have the time to help out, we would greatly appreciate it. 

We are excited to welcome you to the water that was the home of the 2014 Masters Nationals. If you havent' heard, we have also been chosen for the 2019 Masters Nationals, in August.