2019 Lake Lanier Half Marathon

  • Hosted By Lake Lanier Rowing Club

Lake Lanier Half Marathon Rules and Eligibility


  • Online registration open: September 1, 2019 – November 13, 2019

  • Only online registration accepted.  There will be no registration the day of the event.

  • All rowers must sign a liability waiver in order to compete in any event.  This can be done the morning of the event.

  • No athlete may enter more than one event.

  • Athletes under age 18 must have a parent or guardian signature on their liability waiver.


  • Junior—Enrolled in high school or age 18 or under.

  • Open--Enrolled in college or age 19 or over, and not currently enrolled in high school.  College and university crews are encouraged to enter this category

  • Masters-- Has attained or will attain the age of 21 during the current calendar year.

  • Mixed Boats must be at least 50% female. A boat that is over 50% male must enter the Men's category.


  • Event times are approximate and schedule is subject to change according to the number of entries we receive. Please check the race schedule the evening before the race final race times.

  • Athletes should launch from the LLRC docks on the boathouse side of the venue, leaving in enough time to proceed to the starting line.

Competitors Meeting:

  • Meeting will be held 8:30 am on Saturday, November 16th

  • All coaches, coxswains and competitors responsible for navigating the course should attend. A lack of attendance at the meeting will be viewed as an acceptance of the rules of the course.

Athlete Check-in:

  • Athlete Check-in opens at 8:00 am. All competitors should check in before their first race.

Boat Numbers:

  • Each boat will be issued both a hard plastic boat number and a paper number with safety pins.

  • Hard plastic numbers should be mounted securely on each boat and be visible from the side to ensure correct timing

  • For paper numbers:

  • Rowers should pin the paper number to the bow rower

  • All other boats should have the paper number pinned on the chest of the competitor in the front of the boat.

  • Hard plastic numbers should be returned to the finish dock or at Regatta Headquarters. Crews not returning a number will be assessed a $10 fee.


  • Competitors should gather in the marshaling area no less than 5 minutes before their race time. They should arrange themselves in numerical order. Competitors will be instructed by the Start Marshall to proceed to the start, and will cross the start line one at a time at approximately 15 second intervals

Race Course:

  • The race course proceeds from the Start Line in the bay in front of the boathouse, south for about 1500 meters, turning back towards the boathouse,  going under Clark's Bridge then north  going north to the turn around spot, returning south to the Olympic Finish Tower, passing though the finish buoys for a total of 21 kilometers.

  • Competitors must stay on the starboard side of the course to avoid collisions with competitors heading the opposite way. Buoys will be place at narrow points along the course and competitors should keep the buoys on their port side.

  • Slower boats should yield to faster boats on the course. In turns, the boat being passed should yield so that the faster boat has the inside of the turn.

  • Race officials will close the course at approximately 12:00 noon. At that time a boat will sweep the course, picking up those competitors who remain on the course. Any boats choosing to stay in the water after the course is closed will do so at their own risk.


  • Competitors will finish the race between the two large buoys on the finish tower side of the course.

  • Times will be recorded until 12:00 noon.


  • A head marshall and his team will supervise. All participants must obey instructions from the marshals.

  • 60 second penalties will be assessed by course marshals for cutting a buoy, traffic pattern violations, interfering with another boat, unsportsmanlike conduct, and not obeying Dockmaster's or Marshal's instructions.


  • Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each event.

  • Winners may collect their medals at the Awards table after times have been received from the last racer in their category.