Quad Cities Erg Showdown

  • Hosted By: Y Quad Cities Rowing

QC Rowing: A Rich History

In 1874, a group of men in Moline formed a rowing club, naming it the “Sylvan Boat Club.” Then, in 1884, as a result of their success in Midwest regattas, a group of investors formed “The Moline Regatta Association” for the purpose of holding annual regattas. Investors included S.H. Velie, C.H. Deere and John Deere. Their regattas attracted over 5,000 spectators and crews from all over the Midwest.

The spirit of this sport continued to live through the Quad City Rowing Association. In 2010, QCRA merged with the Two Rivers YMCA.  In 2017 the Rivermont Rowing Academy was formed and is a collaborating partner that rows out of the Sylvan Boathouse. The spirit and the sport has continued to grow even stronger in the Quad Cities area!