Steve Neczypor Regatta

  • Hosted By: Cooper Training Center
  • Cancelled

Thanks for attending the 2020 Steve Neczypor Memorial Regatta we are looking forward to an exciting day of racing.  Below  you will find some important information that should be forwarded to your parents, athletes, coaches, and the organizer of your team food tents.  Any questions please contact Rob Hanold.



Trailer Parking

  • All trailers will be parked in the staging area located at North Park Drive and Cuthbert Blvd.
  • Trailers must be backed in and parked on the grass along the road side of the lot.
  • Trailers parking on the water side of the lot must be backed in with the sterns of the boats stopping along the black path that edges the lot.
  • No trailer stands should be left on the black top.  It must either be on the gray stone or the grass.
  • Boat trailers can arrive any time after 1 PM on Friday afternoon.
  • Please work together on creating space for your equipment and others so that we can get all the trailers in comfortably. 




  • The course will be open for practice after 1 PM on Friday afternoon.
  • The dock closest to the finish line is for launching on both practice and race day.  The other dock nearest the bridge/road is for returning crews.
  • The traffic pattern on Friday is upriver to the start lane 0, 1, and 2 and downriver is lanes 4, 5, and 6.  Lane 3 is left empty and used as a safety lane.
  • Keep in mind that local crews launch from the boathouse around the 1,000 meter mark.



Team Tents

  • No tents can be set up prior to 6 AM on Saturday morning.
  • Tents can only be set up in the designated area.  
    • Vehicles are permitted to enter the team tent location (TENT CITY) at the dirt driveway at the finish line, which is located below the Gazebo on the hill.  County Vehicles will be there to direct you were to go.  Questions should be directed to the county employees on site at the drop off location.
    • Tents need to be set up between the Gazebo at the finish line (big open field with brown rock) and moving up river.  The river to the road can all be filled in. 
    • The vehicle towing the trailer is permitted down below the barricades to UNLOAD only and then park the vehicle in the same field along the road side of the field.  Again, please follow instruction from the county staff on site.
  • There is about 30 tents being set up so there is plenty of space for everyone to have an enjoyable day at the river.
  • The best intersection for directions is Donahue Avenue and North park Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ.



  • The area from the finish line to the trailer area (along the river) will be marked off as team bus zone and no vehicles should be parked in this area.
  • All spectators should park in a legal parking spot along North Park Drive that is not marked No Parking By Police.
  • Paid parking is being offered by Bishop Eustace High School.





Please let us know if you have any questions.