Cooper Cup

  • Hosted By: South Jersey Rowing Club
  • Cancelled

2015 Venue

Cooper River Park's Olympic distance 2000 meter straightway has drawn praise from international rowing experts who say its sheltered, narrow course provides ideal rowing conditions.  Cooper River Park has hosted numerous major rowing events, including the Olympic trials and the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships.


Camden County Boathouse


  Thank you for attending the Cooper Cup Regatta, we are looking forward to a great day of racing.  The regatta schedule is now posted and located here:


General regatta information is now updated on regatta central under  the news and venue information.

  At this time the Cooper River is under construction which has caused for relocations of the team trailers and food tents.  Attached are the maps which indicate where these new areas are located.  The Cooper River venue vision plan details are located here: .

Team Buses

  All buses will be instructed to drop off the athletes and drive around to the Yacht Club the opposite side of the river and park there. 


All vehicles will ANGLE PARK starting at the finish line and moving west towards the start line.

Team Trailers

  Team trailers and boat storage will be located in the field next to the old Lobster Trap Restaurant (currently under construction as well).    The easiest way to arrive is come West down North Park Drive as if you were following the race course from start to finish.  Use the driveway entrance to the parking lot but stay straight along the bike path until clear of the tree and light fixture.  Once clear will pull out on the grass where directed to park. Tow vehicles will be directed to park where parking can be found, the map indicates parking but we will need to clarify that come Saturday afternoon.  The docks are located behind the building with the launch on the right (upriver side) and the return on the left (downriver side).  There will be people on site to advise where to park.  Due to another regatta taking place on Saturday please do not plan to arrive any early than 5:30 PM when that regatta clears out.  A good amount of teams will be here both days so please park where space is found.


  The course will be open on Saturday night from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM.  If racing is still going on at 5:30 PM please wait until the racing has finished.  The local traffic pattern will be in use which is:  Upriver towards the start will be in lanes 0, 1, and 2.  Downriver are lanes 4, 5, and 6 leaving lane 3 open as a safety lane.  Please note that the boathouse crews will be launching and returning as well so keep an eye out for additional boats.


Chuck Wagons/Food Trailers

  The team tents will be set up in two locations this year.  The normal tent location WILL NOT BE USED, which is the baseball outfield now serving as construction headquarters and surrounded by fencing.  One is to the left of the finish line facing the river.  The second location is the island behind the old Lobster Trap restaruant, look at team boat trailer map.  The county will have trucks at the curb to assist with loading and unloading of team tent equipment.  To the left of the finish line there is an electrical wire that comes between the trees to the trailer – all tents must be to the left of this and can start at the water’s edge working backwards towards the street.  If you have specific questions please ask the county personnel.  The ground is marked with no tents and lines PLEASE RESPECT THE MARKINGS so that everyone has space.


The last map is an aerial of the river with all of the locations marked off.  Please be sure to notify your trailer drivers of these changes this year.



Any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Jamie Stack

[email protected]