Men's Sprints (EARC)

  • Hosted By: USRowing College
  • 2020 Registered Regatta
  • Cancelled

SHELL WEIGH-IN FOR HEAVYWEIGHT AND LIGHTWEIGHT VARSITY EIGHTS:  The weight of the shells utilized in the heavyweight and lightweight first varsity eight (1V8+) events shall be at least 205 pounds.  Shell weight shall include only those items permanently affixed to the shell including seats, rudders, skegs, fins, loudspeakers and riggers.  These heavyweight and lightweight shells will be weighed-in on Saturday, May 13, prior to being placed on the water to ensure adherence to the minimum weight standard.  (Note:  2V, 3V, 4V, 5V heavyweight and lightweight shells will not be weighed.)


Instructional sessions for coxswains will be held on Saturday, May 18, at 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM in the Sailing Pavilion at the Regatta Point Boathouse adjacent to the site of the coxswains weigh-in to review the 2019 EARC Special Instructions.


Weigh-in for coxswains of lightweight crews will take place at the time their crew is scheduled to weigh-in on Saturday, May 18, at the Regatta Point Boathouse.


Weigh-in for coxswains of heavyweight crews will take place beginning at 1:30 PM, Saturday, May 18th at the Regatta Point
boathouse and will close half an hour after practice. Any coxswains not weighing in on Saturday must make prior arrangements with a race official to weigh-in on Sunday.