12 Minute 'Why not!' Challenge

  • Apr 10, 2021
  • virtual
  • Buffalo, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association
  • Cancelled


  • The 12' piece must be completed on a Concept 2 standard ergometer (no water rowers, Dynamic ergs, rp3s and so on)
  • Athletes have from 7a-1p (EDT) to complete, and send in their results
  • The monitor must be set to the correct date
  • Athletes will go to the memory screen following their piece, and send a photo of their 12' piece to info@rowbuffalo.com before 1pm (taking of a photo of the race screen imediately following a piece will not include the date, and will not be considered a valid submission)



  • Athletes have from 7a-1p (EDT) to complete, and send in their results
  • Runners must complete their 12' piece outside (safely)
    • No treadmill submissions will be accepted 
  • Each runner must record their 12' run using a GPS app or GPS watch
  • The app or watch being used must include the date for submission 
  • If you can, please set your GPS recording device to metric (it will save us time from coverting miles into meters)
  • All screenshots or photos of run results should be sent to info@rowbuffalo.com before 1pm
  • Protip: plan out a flat route that will take roughly 12' to run...no need to torture yourself running hills.



  • Athletes may enter both events
  • Same rules, procedures and entry fees apply if you are participating in both events



  • Handicaps will be applied to the 12' erg 
  • No handicaps will be applied to the 12' run
  • Each athlete's age will be calculated by their RC age (RC rounds ages)
  • Meters will be added on to 12' erg pieces based on age
  • Please visit the link below to view the handicaps for the 12' erg